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Automate all your cleaning with our simple to use interface, invite your existing cleaners to use our intuitive cleaner app and find local cleaners who already use the app.



FREE mobile app for cleaners 

  • Automate cleaner scheduling 

    With the cleaner mobile app + the automatic calendar sync your cleaners will be automatically notified of new turnovers.

  • Streamline work

    Cleaners can follow a checklist, write notes and attache photos all saved in one place.

  • Automatic Payments

    Pay your cleaners with a card automatically. Track your expenses and save time.

  • Scale your business

    30 properties? No problem.


    20 cleaners? No sweat.

  • Free

    Did we mention that it's FREE?

  • “I have been using this awesome app for 2 weeks and it has made my life so much happier. The stress of making sure the cleaners knew what days I needed someone to clean to taking pics of damage to letting me know when they were done have all been alleviated by this AWESOME app. I don't have to contact them when a booking happens, this app does. Now my cleaners fight over the dates instead of me hoping they are available and I'm not stuck cleaning it. It has been BRILLIANT. They have thought of everything. I wouldn't change a thing.”
    Kristy B.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • “Fantastic service! Has removed the hassle of having to coordinate with my cleaning lady. It's like I've given her access to my Airbnb calendar! And it does much more than that!” 
    Charif K.
    Montréal, Canada
  • Awesome app and great customer service. I am looking forward to using this when high season hits this year....should help with clarity and communications.
    Paula S.
    British Columbia, Canada
  • Incredible!! We love this app!! My cleaners loves it too!! Its easy!! With over a dozen properties to manage - its saved me sooooo much time and is so straightforward and comprehensive!! thank you TBNB!! @rentalpreneur
    Indianapolis, Indiana

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