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4 Tips for Hosting International Guests

September 10, 2021

Welcome international guests into your Airbnb with our 4 tips for hosting global travelers.

When hosting international guests, there are many obstacles that you may face. Luckily, these challenges are easy to overcome with preparation for your visitors. Here are some suggestions that will help guests feel comfortable and welcomed to your country, and vacation rental:

1. Overcoming language barriers

Language barriers may be the most difficult obstacle you will face with international guests. However, this can easily be solved with applications such as Google Translate, where you can get translations in real-time for easy communication. In addition, feel free to offer a simple translation booklet for guests with basic English vocabulary and phrases guests may need to use. This will come in handy for guests who may not know English or are still in the process of learning.

Creating a welcoming environment for visitors will take away the stress of being in a new country. Be sure to have a patient, encouraging attitude when hosting international guests. Finally, try to be as accommodating as possible and take the extra step to learn a simple greeting in their language.

2. Sharing local customs/rules

When international guests travel to your vacation home, they may not be aware of small differences between their countries. For example, recycling bins and other customs may be drastically different between the two places. To ensure guests have a clear understanding of these differences, include a guide with details about local customs. This can include recycling bins, drinking laws, and standard gratuity in your country. By sharing this information, guests are able to have an idea of cultural differences, which will prevent culture shock and feeling out of place.

3. Creating a welcome guide

Creating a guide for international guests will help to create a stress-free experience at your home.

Be sure to include information such as:

  • WiFi
  • currency exchange
  • transportation
  • house rules
  • emergency protocol

For more information on creating a welcome guide, see our tips for making a travel guide.

Having a guidebook available will aid guests in understanding how to get themselves acclimated to a new environment. In addition, you can add local recommendations, such as food tours or nearby attractions. Finally, you can add information such as house rules and customs that you practice in your home. Be sure to translate it to the language your guest speaks to create a straightforward explanation of customs practiced in your home.

4. Additional amenities

Finally, take the extra step to welcome guests by offering additional amenities to make them feel welcome. One example is to offer outlet adapters for guests to use throughout their stay. This means they won’t have to purchase adapters only to be used during their stay. In addition, local treats and snacks can encourage visitors to take a step out of their comfort zone and be introduced to new food.

WiFi is especially important to help international guests stay in touch with friends and family while traveling. Make sure to have the instructions readily available and easy to follow in multiple languages.

Overall, creating a welcoming environment for guests during their stay at your vacation home will create an amazing experience that they will not forget.

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By Claire Sugawa