I want to share some of my favorite tips through this blog on being an outstanding host and giving your guests an superb stay 🙂

I have been an Airbnb host for eight years and loved every minute of it. It has given me lots of financial freedom to become fully self-employed. Along with my other businesses and hosting guests has become a wonderful stream of income as well as a fun way to interact with people from around the globe! I get so much joy sharing a little slice of Maui with the world that it inspired me to also start a small car rental business as well as driving Uber part time to give visitors rides all over the island. I like to call myself an “Aloha ambassador” and a “Hospitality entrepreneur” 🙂

For this first post on being an outstanding Airbnb host, I would like to outline for you my five messages that I send out before, during and after my guests stay to create a seamless and welcoming experience for my guests.

Message number 1: When you get a booking request, have a response prepared that you can copy and paste but always add a personalized line responding to something they said in their inquiry. Perhaps they said they are coming on their honeymoon, then you can say “Congratulations on your wedding!” Maybe it’s their 1st time to your city or town, then you can say “That’s so great that you’re coming to check out this area for the 1st time, let me know if you have any questions about the area.”

Message number 2: Create a wonderful list of recommendations for your guests, they love to hear where the locals love to go! Also don’t be afraid to include local services in this list. You can include any self-employed friends or local businesses that offer excellent services such as massage, surf lessons and photography for example. Sometimes certain businesses would even give you a referral bonus for spreading the word about them.

Message number 3: Send out a message that goes over any urgent items or notices either before or shortly after booking. Prior to booking and planning flight information you can inform people of any state taxes that need to be collected separately or any rules or regulations for your vacation rental.

Message number 4: A day or two prior to guest arriving send them a greeting that breaks down everything about your check in step-by-step especially if you’re not going to be present. If your guest self-check in, clearly lay out the steps so you have time to answer possible questions before they arrive. Do this even if you have an automatic check in message that goes out from your hosting platform. Guests really appreciate having this message come to their phone and not having to search for it come check in day, they are tired from traveling.

I like to send it through the messenger app in the hosting platform as well as a text it to their phone. I do this all copy and paste style. Airbnb has an awesome feature on their hosting platform where you can save your most used messages in a little icon in the message inbox. You just click the icon and it takes you to a menu of saved messages to send. Since I use self-check in, I like to have them message me after they have checked in just so I know that they are in the unit safe and sound. Then leave them alone during their stay, most people like to just do their own thing and be left alone on their vacation. However, if they ask questions, be quick in your responses and be thorough about giving local tips.

Message number 5: Remind your guest a day in advance of their check out time. Always start by saying you hope they had a wonderful stay and let them know if they have any tidying up you expect them to do. Also, in this message ask them if there’s anything they can suggest for improvements on your unit for future guests.

So those are my 5 messages that I use to create a seamless and welcoming experience for my guests. I hope this was helpful and informative for you. Stay tuned for more blogs from me, where I will share more of what I have learned in my eight years of experience as a 5-star host 🙂

Until we meet again, Aloha! Angie

About the Author: Angie is a professional Airbnb and VRBO host that operates on the island of Maui, Hawaii.