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Airbnb Hosting Tips: How to Increase Bookings, Improve Ratings, and Grow Your Cash Flow

May 10, 2021

Find out how you could be benefiting with a professional cleaner

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Airbnb has become a common household name, and it should be for good reason. Did you know that on average, Airbnb hosting in the U.S. can profit around $25,000 annually? How top earners make their money depends on the details that lead to high ratings.

Cleanliness plays a huge part in how your guests will perceive your vacation rental property. Other than your location and home aesthetics – which is sometimes out of your control – the overall level of cleanliness certainly is something you CAN control.

With just a few simple steps, you can instantly tidy up a space and transform it into a relaxing retreat for your guests. Furthermore, utilizing TurnoverBnB’s cleaner marketplace to find your next vacation rental cleaner can help you reach that goal.

Follow the tips below to learn how you can cash in and likely improve your Airbnb hosting game.

A clean space makes a happy place.

– Frambie Malaysia

Increase Your Monthly Bookings

Last month, Airbnb launched its “Summer of Responsible Travel” campaign. The campaign involves an 8-point plan geared to helping vacation rental hosts, guests, and the communities they call home safer.

While the threat of COVID-19 has not disappeared, this summer is already trending to be a busy season for vacation rentals nationwide. People are looking for ways to get out and travel, even if it is only a short road trip away.

Quarantine protocols, illness, and strict guidelines have kept people from the travel they once knew. However, Airbnb, VRBO, and others have made travel more attainable again. Now more than ever, hosts can increase their monthly bookings and make great money in the process.

While the obvious solution to make more money may appear to be raising your nightly rates, that is not always the case. Instead, run the numbers to see how your business could look if you charged a fair, average rate and ultimately increased your total amount of bookings per month. You may find that slightly decreasing your pricing may lead to increased bookings overall. Remember to consider your inventory, cleaning fee, and other incidentals.

To help you determine the price to charge for your cleaning fee, take a look at the national averages for vacation rental cleaning costs for 1-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom properties.

Once you have secured more 5-star ratings with positive reviews from guests, now you can consider raising your prices.

Airbnb hosting tips

Improve Your Ratings

Have you ever stayed somewhere and questioned the cleanliness of your room? Chances are, this probably led to an incomplete night’s rest or even a feeling of being dirty. Not to mention the complete annoyance in the matter as you suddenly had to deal with a situation you were not anticipating.

Now, remember a time you stayed in a room where you felt comfortable, relaxed, and were able to rest easy knowing every inch of the space was not only well-maintained – but, most importantly, clean.

In Airbnb hosting, it may not be easy putting yourself in the guest’s shoes. However, once you change your mindset to think more like the guest, it is easier to pinpoint the areas of your property that may need extra attention.

When you hire a professional to clean your Airbnb you can assure that your space will be clean and tidy from the bathrooms to the bedrooms, and all the hallways in between.

Finding the right Airbnb cleaning service can help improve your ratings and guest reviews. TurnoverBnB makes it easy to find a cleaner or cleaning service to fit your property’s needs.

Grow Your Cash Flow

Gone are the days of travelers only wanting a place to stay to lay their heads at night. The modern traveler is seeking lodging that includes a built-in experience. This can be in the form of amenities being offered and simply taking advantage of your setting and helping guests plan their ultimate getaway.

Step up your Airbnb hosting and get creative to find ways to create memorable experiences for your guests.

Is your location near a local attraction such as a botanical garden or a popular nightlife area? Promote it! Be sure to include nearby offerings in your listing to help attract more guests.

Next up, be sure your property photos are doing you justice. A poorly made Airbnb listing will likely lower your occupancy rate and, in turn, hurt your income.

Another way to increase your cash flow is to consider investing in some upgrades.

Is it time to buy new kitchen appliances, or perhaps add a hot tub to the back deck? By adding tasteful improvements – of any size – you will begin to attract guests seeking those things in their Airbnb stay.

Lastly, whether you have one property or 20+ properties, adding an all-in-one property management system can be a real game-changer for your business – and ultimately growing your cash flow.

TurnoverBnB has over 20,000 hosts and property managers who use the web and mobile app to schedule cleanings, pay their cleaners, and find new cleaners in their area.

It works by automatically syncing your guest calendar from Airbnb, VRBO,, and other major booking platforms and channel managers into one central location.

Learn more and start your 14-day free trial today!

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