Superhosts don’t skimp on amenities and neither should you.

Make Sure You Cover The Basics

Think about it, there is nothing worse than realizing that you forgot to buy toilet paper, dish washing liquid or laundry soap at the store when you absolutely needed it. Do not ever leave your guests needing these things in your vacation rental! Superhosts are Superhosts because they continually get positive reviews, this means making sure that you cover your bases with the essentials. Here are some examples of what will glean you negative reviews.

Bathroom Essentials

As previously mentioned, there is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper – I mean completely running out. This is a bulk item that should be in no short supply in your vacation rental – ever! You can direct order from Amazon, buy it from Costco, do whatever works best for you, but one way to upset a guest is to leave them with no tp. Also, think about shampoo, conditioner and soap. Often times, guests will prefer their own, but make sure you keep something on hand for them in the event that they have forgotten theirs, or they expected the vacation rental to have it available. Something else to consider is keeping extra tooth brushes and toothpaste, this is something that is so often forgotten and is a pleasant surprise for guests to find in the event that they did.

Creating a little basket of travel size bathroom goodies will be sure to leave a good impression.

The Laundry Room

This oversight can be a nightmare for your guests and your vacation rental cleaner. Always keep plenty of laundry soap on hand if you have a washing machine and dryer in your unit. Even if the bulk of your stays are only several days in duration, don’t skimp on the laundry soap, especially if you are a family and pet friendly vacation rental. If you have a washing machine, and a guest needs to use it, that soap better be there or it will be mentioned. Not only that, as a vacation rental cleaner, I can tell you, that is generally a supply that is usually provided by the host. To be in a last minute turn and realize you have no laundry soap is a cleaners worst nightmare. This is another item that is worth buying in bulk.

In The Kitchen

There are a few things to remember in the kitchen. The first is coffee, sugar and creamer. While this may not seem like a big deal to a host, to a guest, they may expect it to be there and be more than disappointed when its not. Think of it like this – a guest has had a rough travel day, they check in late, the last thing they feel like doing is heading to the store. Try to mindful of the little things that they would appreciate already having on hand and not going to run out and buy. Cleaning products are another basic that is overlooked. The reasons for making sure you are stocked is twofold – your cleaner and your guest will appreciate it.

If your guest spills something, make sure you have some all purpose cleaner and paper towels there to clean up the mess. If they want to hand wash dishes, make sure there is dish soap there. As a vacation rental cleaner, I love cleaning Airbnbs. The guests go the extra mile to make sure to leave the place clean because THEY are rated too! Do your guests and vacation rental cleaners a favor, and have the basics on hand for them. Don’t forget to have your Airbnb cleaning service remind you, a quick message on TurnoverBnB after they have finished a clean, is a great way to let you know when essentials need to be restocked.

Extras To Consider

While these things aren’t necessary, they are items that guests have cited positively in Airbnb reviews. Consider how you are advertising your space when choosing what to provide to guests:

Family Friendly: Toys, children’s books, pack and plays, baby gates
Pet Friendly: Dog bowls, treats, baby gates, dog towels (that one actually helps you)
Business Travelers: Charging stations, iron and ironing board/steamer, desk or work area

Put some thought into how you are advertising your space on Airbnb and really go all out for your guests. It will show in your reviews!

About the Author: Lisa is a professional Airbnb cleaner located in Denver, Colorado. To view Lisa’s profile or to book Lisa for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.