Aloha! Today I’m going to share the series of messages I send out to create a seamless and welcoming experience for guests. The first is a welcome message which helps them feel at home. I usually send this out the day before check-in, or some cases earlier if the guests request it.

Read on for an example template for how to create welcome messages for your guests.

Check in

My condos are under a self check in system so I send them the code for the lock box and there is a key in the lock box that lets them into the condo. Then I have them put the key back in the lock box and find the extra set of keys on the table that has the front door key as well as the pool key.

Having this extra key back in the lock box is great in case of lock outs or other emergencies where maybe the cleaner or the handy man or the plumber needs to get in to take care of something while they’re out and about enjoying their day.

Then I tell them about the rest of the check-in procedure, which for my condos involves getting a parking permit. For your condos, outline anything that needs to be done for a seamless check in. Write in as much detail as possible so that everything goes smoothly for them. I then make sure that they have my number as well as a few backup numbers in case they can’t get ahold of me.

Cleaning Process

I am super lucky that I have found a cleaner that is also my local point person and can be called in case of lock outs or if they can’t work the TV or something like that. If you can find someone like this to help you run your business it’s super helpful! You can easily find great cleaners by searching here on TurnoverBnB for local cleaners serving your area

At the end of the message, I detail a little bit about the check out procedure and what to do to help my cleaner out just so they have an idea of what to expect before the check out date. On the day before check in, I am texting and coordinating with my cleaner about the current guests check out date and the new guests check in date so that the turnover goes smoothly. Using TurnoverBnB to sync my Airbnb calendar with my cleaners calendar is a wonderful tool for running my vacation rental!

I ask for flight information in advance with flight arrival and departure times to help her out. If she knows they will be arriving in town early, she can typically have the place ready beforehand. I can then let the guests know that it’s ready for them.

Here is my welcome message template. Use this to create a similar message that is personalized to your vacation rental!


Here are the check in instructions for “Cute, Clean condo near Beach”
* (Place address here)
* Check in time: 3 p.m.
* Parking: Park near building 2 and go up to the condo.
* Lock box code: 12345
* Please return the key back in the box as there is another key for you inside the unit which is attached to the pool key 🙂
* Please text me to let me know that you got in okay.
* If you arrive before 4 p.m. on a weekday, go to the front office to get your parking permit.

If you need anything, text me ,(). If you can’t reach me, call/text my cleaner (-) If you can’t reach any of us and you have a urgent handyman/plumbing issue you can text/call (-).

Check out

  • If you could take the trash out sometime during your stay, that’d be great. There is a trash chute near the elevator. Thanks so much for your help!
  • For check out, please start a load of towels or sheets for my cleaner as the machines are small and it’s hard for her to get through everything on time. Please leave bed unmade so the cleaner knows if the sheets need to be changed.
  • The usual check out time is 11 a.m. but let us know if you plan on leaving any earlier as it is helpful for my cleaner to know.

Enjoy your stay!”