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How Do I Make Passive Income on Airbnb?

febrero 01, 2022

Managing an Airbnb property is touted as being a great way to make passive income. But when you consider the frequent turnovers, deep-cleaning, laundry, and tracking inventory, to name a few, it’s clear that running an Airbnb on your own takes a lot of work. Below, learn four easy ways to save time and energy and make your Airbnb income truly passive.

4 Ways to Put Your Airbnb Cleaning on Autopilot

Airbnb passive income: 4 ways to put your Airbnb cleaning on autopilot - TurnoverBnB

1. Organize Your Cleaning Calendar

There are several ways to organize your calendar for your cleaning service. However, simply sharing your iCalendar or Google Calendar schedule is not enough to streamline your business efficiently. 

Skip the back-and-forth communication and sync your booking site with the all-in-one TurnoverBnB calendar for vacation rental cleaning.

The TurnoverBnB app:

  • Finds and schedules cleaners on multiple calendars for multiple properties
  • Automates confirmations and reminder notifications
  • Offers cleaning checklists and photo documentation
  • Automates payment processing
TurnoverBnB App: Project management tool

Need a more in-depth description? Read this post on how to share your vacation rental calendar with your cleaner.

2. Track Your Inventory

Inventory management can be a pain to track and maintain, especially if you’re hosting or managing multiple properties. 

Although inventory can be managed manually during every turnover, doing so requires more back and forth communication between managers and cleaners. Thankfully, TurnoverBnB has created an inventory checklist that can be tailored to your property and amenities.

The inventory feature allows you to manage supplies that are running low as well as organize a cleaner’s daily tasks. Moreover, once a cleaner has marked that an amenity is running low, the host is automatically notified to replenish the item. From necessities like toilet paper and soap to coffee and cooking supplies, each number of items can be adjusted accordingly.

Hosting an Airbnb is hard work, but TurnoverBnB’s inventory management feature takes the guesswork out of vacation rental property management.

3. Build a Network of Cleaners

Airbnb passive income: 4 ways to put your Airbnb cleaning on autopilot - TurnoverBnB

The best way to lock in a great cleaning routine for your vacation rental property is to recruit a network of reliable cleaners. The more cleaners you have readily available, the more consistent turnovers you’ll be able to complete.

Make Connections on TurnoverBnB’s Cleaner Marketplace

TurnoverBnB’s cleaner marketplace gives hosts access to over 25,000 cleaner accounts on our system. Being able to connect with our pool of cleaners will ultimately automate your cleaning processes and help you find cleaning services with ease.

Stacy Preston, an Airbnb host with 2 properties in Indiana, found cleaners for her properties using the cleaner marketplace. “I went to TurnoverBnB when my cleaner had to leave at the last minute for a personal reason. I was in the midst of the busiest time of year and was able to find cleaners on very short notice,” Stacy commented.

As a result, she continued using the platform because she loved the automated scheduling capabilities. “It also provides a centralized place for my cleaning team to communicate with me,” Stacy said.

Building a network of reliable cleaners allows you to secure strong cleaning business operations that ensure consistent turnovers. TurnoverBnB’s cleaner marketplace is the easiest way to find, schedule, and pay for vacation rental cleaning services.

4. Automate as Much as Possible

For many busy Airbnb hosts, time is money. You don’t want to spend too much time on repetitive tasks such as scheduling, cleaning, managing inventory, or guest check-in and check-out. And, property management requires automating these tasks to save time.

Consider automating the following tasks:

Developing a streamlined and automated process for managing a short-term rental helps save valuable time and resources. Thankfully, TurnoverBnB and other property management apps ease the stress of rental management for Airbnb hosts.

Learn More About TurnoverBnB

Organizing your cleaning calendars in an all-in-one app, managing your inventory, building a network of reliable cleaners, and automating your business processes are just four ways to help make your Airbnb passive income truly passive. 

Get ready to expand your business in 2022 and make more money than ever before.

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