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Best TikTok Accounts to Follow for Airbnb Hosting and Investing

febrero 24, 2022

As the vacation rental industry continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more Airbnb hosts start joining social media sites like TikTok. These professionals often use the platforms to showcase their properties and inspire others to join the hosting life themselves. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration to amp up your vacation rental business, you’ve come to the right place.

TikTok: Not Just Another Social Media Platform

We know you’re already using TurnoverBnB to take care of your Airbnb cleaning needs — but where can you turn to find answers to your other questions? Our answer: TikTok.

TikTok isn’t just another entertainment platform, but rather a crowdsourced pool of knowledge from young professionals and industry experts. Reliable and trending TikTokers provide timely and useful information about the vacation rental industry.

Featuring topics for hosts of all kinds, we’ll cover the 5 best content creators to follow for vacation rental hosting. Whether you’re looking for tips about investing, décor, or more, these TikTokers are sure to freshen up your ‘For You’ page.

Top 5 Accounts to Follow For Airbnb Hosting Tips

If you scroll through TikTok religiously or are on it just for fun, there’s a chance you already know a few of these educational and engaging creators. Here are the top 5 Airbnb TikTokers for successful vacation rental hosting.

Overall Hosting Tips

For those who want to learn more general hosting tips, these creators are your go-to’s.

Madi and Skyler: @thesunrisehomes

Hosting 6 Airbnb units in California, The Sunrise Homes, led by Madi and Skyler, launched their TikTok in early 2020. They cover a multitude of topics like COVID-19 policies, check-out instructions, and Airbnb support tips.

With hundreds of videos already posted, you’ll be sure to find detailed responses to general Airbnb hosting questions as well as specific niche-focused requests.

Cory: @selfbnb

Cory is an Airbnb Superhost with a few tricks up his sleeve. With years of rental hosting experience, he posts videos about communicating with guests, the best linens for your property, and more.

While browsing through Cory’s videos, you’ll learn all about his tips for acquiring Superhost status, responding to negative reviews, and other overall hosting tips.


Financing a vacation rental unit can be challenging, but these creators have narrowed it down to a few key elements. Read on for more investment tips for new and experienced hosts.

Lauren Piller: @laurenpiller_

Lauren’s mission on TikTok reads, “become financially free hosting on Airbnb💰” and on her page, she shows you just how to do that. 

For one, she’s an expert on rental arbitrage, which is defined as renting out a currently rented property. Lauren even has 60-second guides for starting an Airbnb with no experience. And, for new hosts, she discusses everything from permitting to co-hosting, themed houses, and more.

Michael Elefante: @melefante6

Real estate investor and Airbnb expert Michael Elefante boasts over 730K followers and 4 million likes on TikTok, but how did he do it? 

First, he started by posting engaging and valuable content for his audience and catered it to his niche. His specialty? Airbnb investing. For example, he’s posted a lengthy series about taxing an Airbnb property, as well as the difference between short-term rentals and traditional long-term letting.

Combining the latest trends with valuable insider tips, Michael has built an impressive following on TikTok and is certainly worth a follow.

Interior Design and Decorating

If there’s something that not all hosts are experts at, it’s designing and furnishing their rental. Watch these design experts give fundamental tips for decorating vacation rentals and share other stories for successful hosting. 

Sarah and Emily: @karwelldesign

Sarah and Emily started Karwell Design in 2020, as they wanted to pivot their Airbnb business and help others do the same. Navigating through the pandemic, Sarah and Emily became experts in designing creative spaces, and Airbnb quickly became their outlet.

On TikTok, Sarah takes over with her expertise in short-term rentals, from managing cleaners to using dynamic pricing, crucial design tips, and more. 

All in all, Karwell design is an Airbnb consultation and interior design business. Sarah and Emily are creating a new path for entrepreneurs and designers to coexist in Airbnb hosting and are definitely worth following.

How to Make the Most on TikTok as an Airbnb Host

3 Tips for Creating Your Own Content

For ambitious hosts, creating your own content on TikTok can be financially beneficial for your short-term rental business. The platform is perfect for showcasing your rental properties, advertising your consulting business, or giving personal advice to a niche audience. 

Here are 4 ways to create engaging content on TikTok.

1. Post Consistently

TikTok recommends posting 3-5 times per week, just like other social media platforms. You want to hit the sweet spot of reaching your audience but not too frequently. For a larger reach, consider advertising with TikTok’s ad manager.

2. Share Your Expertise

This is a great platform to share your hosting journey, how you got started as a host, trends in the industry, or anything related to your business. 

The possibilities are endless, but keep it light. TikTok’s audience reels in on fun and light-hearted content.

3. Provide Value to Your Audience

Not only do you need to be relevant, but you need to bring something of value to your followers. Keeping videos between 10 and 15 seconds for optimal viewing, you can provide useful tips about Airbnb hosting while keeping up with trends. 

Can I Learn About Airbnb Hosting on Social Media?

Absolutely. There’s no better way to learn the top tips for Airbnb hosts than from the experts themselves. Follow these top 5 TikTokers to gain insight into the industry for overall hosting, investing, designing, and everything in between.

For all of your Airbnb cleaning questions, follow TurnoverBnB on TikTok for trends, industry resources, fun facts, and more.

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