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How Hosts Can Leverage Technology for More Efficient Renting

diciembre 20, 2021

Short-term rentals are the new way to travel, and guests expect a smooth and efficient experience. That said, some guests take advantage of the vast amount of properties and create problems with parties and large gatherings. Here are a few technologies to help you avoid careless guests and make sure your vacation rental property is protected.

The Worst-Case Scenario

Each job has its problems, but a party in your vacation rental is one of the worst situations to find yourself in.

Usually, parties lead to:

  • Damages
  • Downtime for the reparation
  • Extensive cleaning
  • Disgruntled neighbors

However, today many technologies exist to make your rental more efficient and give you peace of mind at the same time.

Since 2020, the demand for vacation rentals has continued to grow and shows no slowing down. During this time, many travelers discovered the benefits of staying at a vacation rental instead of a hotel. However, guests are expecting a similar level of professionalism from the host as they would get in a hotel.

Fortunately, more technologies are surfacing to automate the guest experience and management duties. Time is money, and with the help of a few technologies, you can have more efficiency and peace as you run your business.

These tools can help you protect your property from ill-intentioned guests and ensure that your next guests have the same sublime experience as the last.

Before Your Guests Book

A first line of defense against bad potential guests has become a necessity. As the market expands, more people are renting, and not all are good actors. Creating an automated screening process to evaluate your guests’ potential risks is becoming the norm among property managers.

In our technological world, where some people take advantage of others, you need to be proactive. It is easier than ever to lie on the internet, so property managers need to be systematically interested, which is not always easy. As your business scales up, manually screening guests becomes impossible. Automated screening is a must to steer clear of recognized trouble-makers.

Guest screening helps you avoid headaches and decreases the likelihood of wrongful behavior from guests. However, human nature is unpredictable, and if a guest decides to throw a party on your property, it is almost impossible to know in advance. So how do you protect your listing while your guests are on the property?

From Check-In to Reset

Incorporating technology in your business increases productivity and decreases friction while guests are on site. With the tips below, you can ensure that your property is protected and ready for the next guests.

Wi-Fi Monitoring

After check-in, property managers do not know what is happening at the property, except if the guest or a neighbor calls. It is usually bad news when it is your neighbor on the other side of the line.

Overcrowding in your listing can lead to parties, noise complaints, or even operator liability. Wi-Fi monitoring is how you can know how many devices there are on your property without invading your guests’ privacy. Party Squasher lets you know when the maximum number of devices is reached, giving you an approximation of how many people are in the house. This way, you can stop parties as people gather before the noise starts.

Even if no party occurred, extra people often leads to bigger messes. By monitoring the home, you can avoid these messes, crazy parties, and other complications.

Automated Cleaning

The last step after a guest leaves is to reset the house for the next guests. Forgetting to or wrongly scheduling the cleaning crew after a stay can be a fatal mistake, especially if you have another group right after. Reliable and consistent cleaning improves your guests’ experiences, and positive reviews will follow.

Automating your cleaning schedule and synchronizing it with your guest flow is simple with TurnoverBnB. You can find local cleaners, schedule, and pay them all in one place. This will help you stay on top of your rental schedule and have a seamless turnover before every guest.

Handsfree Peace With Technology

The right technology will facilitate the smooth running of your bookings. Each step in managing a vacation rental, from booking to turnovers, can be automated to create less friction. One warning with technology, however: The serenity they offer you can be addictive!

By the Party Squasher team

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By The TurnoverBnB Team