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The Best Way to Share Your Airbnb Calendar with Your Cleaner

febrero 23, 2021

Finding the most efficient way to schedule your cleaner may be easier than you think

We’ve compared the options to best share your Airbnb calendar – helping you determine the most efficient way to share your property’s bookings and streamline communication with your cleaner. This also applies to sharing your and VRBO calendars.

Can I just share my iCal or Google calendar?

You could, but you shouldn’t.

While this may seem like an easy solution for your scheduling needs, there are some major considerations you need to keep in mind before you click that share button.

Simply sharing your bookings by syncing your iCal or Google calendar with your cleaner will not only limit your usability but may even lead to some potentially awkward situations down the road.  

Before we go over some of the problems with this method of calendar sharing, remember why you are wanting to share your calendar in the first place.

Your goal is to find the best way to tell your cleaner when you would like them to clean your property, right?

By directly sharing your calendar you are actually only telling them when the property is occupied. Let’s get into the potential problems that may arise by going this route:

1) Unable to specify cleaning dates and times. Since you are only able to share the date range your property is occupied, you do not have a way to tell your cleaner when you would like them to clean – prior to the guest’s stay, after checkout, or perhaps you’ve added extra COVID-19 precautions and have added a safety buffer between cleanings.

2)  Disorganization. Sharing your calendar does not allow you to assign cleaners to specific tasks. Additionally, if you use more than one booking source from Airbnb, VRBO,, private bookings, or other sites you will need to separately share your booking calendar with your cleaner for each platform. This means multiple calendars and an organizational nightmare.  

3)  Awkward exchanges. Once you share your calendar, you can’t unshare. It’s no surprise this may likely create an awkward conversation with your cleaner when the time comes for you to add more cleaners to your team (now your cleaner knows they are no longer exclusive to you) or if you decide to replace your existing cleaner altogether.

4)  Back-and-forth communication. Even after your cleaner has your calendar, you will still need to regularly follow up to ensure confirmation of any booking updates. Did my cleaner see the new booking added? Did I tell my cleaner when I want the actual cleaning to occur? The conversation continues for any necessary booking changes and so on.

5)  Cleaners know the schedule, so they may use it for themselves. Yes, it can happen. By allowing full calendar access you are also showing any gap dates between bookings, allowing the opportunity for cleaners to take advantage of an unoccupied property and stay there themselves.  

This method of calendar sharing just doesn’t make sense, causing issues both in the short and long term. Most importantly, it does not reach your goal: to find the best way to tell your cleaner when you would like them to clean your property.

Should I make my cleaner a co-host instead?

In short, this is not a good idea. Let’s dive in by first understanding some reasons why you may be considering adding them as a co-host in the first place.

You already have an excellent relationship with your cleaner and trust them to care for your properties with the utmost attention to detail – helping create a home-away-from-home experience for your guests. You know you need to share your booking details with them anyway, so why not add them as a co-host to see bookings first-hand?

Once you make someone a co-host you need to understand a few potential key issue areas that may arise due to the increased access your cleaner will now have, including:

1)  Access to confidential information. Your earnings, guest data, and other private information will now be accessible to your cleaner.

2)  More awkward exchanges. Just like sharing your iCal or Google calendar, once you add your cleaner as a co-host it is difficult to unshare that information. Your cleaner will now know when you have stopped using them exclusively, which may cause friction to your relationship. If you decide to work with multiple cleaners, your co-host will now be able to view everyone’s workload and compare it to their own.

3) Continuous communication needed. Adding a co-host will not solve the communication process to streamline correspondence from booking confirmation to completion of the project, relying on constant follow-up along the way.

At this point you are likely asking yourself, so if I can’t share my iCal or Google calendar with my cleaner or make them a co-host, what can I do?

Don’t just share your calendar, create an automated cleaning system

You look for opportunities to make your life easier every day. Finding a solution to better help you manage your schedule in the most efficient way possible is likely one of your top priorities, allowing you to spend more time doing the things you love and not getting held up attending those meetings that should have been an email.

The days of manually checking off jobs are behind us; there are now automated solutions to fit your business needs.

Things to consider for an automated cleaning system:

  • Works with multiple cleaners, multiple calendars, and multiple properties
  • Automated confirmations and reminder notifications
  • Cleaning checklists and damage photo documentation
  • Automated payment processing
  • Ability to hide or show calendar details (such as property availability)
  • Record keeping for tax purposes
  • Available in a desktop and mobile app

Once you determine the features most important to you, it’s time to now find the best option to help you automate your process and ultimately save you time.


It’s time to put your vacation rental on autopilot

Let’s get back to the ultimate goal here. What you want is a way to tell your cleaners WHEN to clean your property.

You also want to simplify the communication process from booking to project completion, minimizing opportunities for awkward exchanges along the way.

Now is the time to start streamlining your vacation rental operation while keeping productivity in top consideration.

TurnoverBnB offers hosts a solution to automatically schedule their cleanings based on bookings through a desktop and mobile app. Hosts can manage existing cleaners or find local cleaners who are already part of the TurnoverBnB marketplace network. Cleaners use their own app to receive notifications, use cleaning checklists, send messages, and project updates.

How it works:

  • Centralized communication and management for all of your projects
  • Pull your guest calendar from Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, or other major booking platform and channel managers into one central location
  • Work with and communicate with your existing cleaners or find a new cleaner on TurnoverBnB’s marketplace
  • Schedule cleanings with automatic assignments, delegation, and acceptance
  • Create and upload cleaning checklists 
  • Promptly pay your cleaners using autopay

From guest booking to confirmed cleaning with zero-touch. No more waiting to see if your property will be ready for your next guest. TurnoverBnB helps ease the operational burden by communicating and coordinating with your cleaners to create a more efficient, shared calendar experience.

Still want to share your Airbnb calendar directly with your cleaner, despite the problems we previously reviewed? Airbnb offers this step-by-step guide on how to import and export calendars.

To learn more about TurnoverBnB’s solutions, go to and request a free demo.

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