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6 Inspiring Airbnb Podcasts for Vacation Rental Hosts

febrero 14, 2022

Airbnb podcasts are a great way to learn insightful takeaways from other hosts and stay up-to-date with major trends in the vacation rental industry. Whether you are starting or scaling your business, you can discover more ways to build your vacation rental business with our five favorite Airbnb podcasts.

What Are Airbnb Podcasts?

Podcasts are books in your ears. Just like any valuable book, a podcast features an individual or series of experts sharing their knowledge, experiences, thoughts, or stories but in audio format. And an Airbnb podcast is no different.

Airbnb podcasts provide you with insights on relevant topics and actionable advice for your vacation rental listing.

As a busy vacation rental host or property manager, listening to Airbnb podcasts is a convenient way to spot opportunities for growing your short-term rental business. Best yet, they are downloadable — you can listen to them offline anywhere and any time of the day.

Why Listen to a Podcast on Airbnb Vacation Rentals?

Making a habit of listening to podcasts focused on Airbnb vacation rentals can help you stay on top of current trends and help you develop a meticulous understanding of the most relevant developments in the short-term rental industry.

As an ambitious vacation rental owner or property manager, you’re likely always looking for resources to help you promote, grow, and enhance your business. Listening to podcasts will allow you to build your knowledge on the go — while commuting, taking a walk, or tidying your home.

As podcasts continue to become popular among people due to their convenience and usefulness, you too can make listening to Airbnb podcasts a good habit.

Helpful Topics You Can Learn From Listening to Airbnb Podcasts

Now that you have learned what Airbnb podcasts are and why you should listen to them, you might be wondering what types of topics you can learn about.

Examples of helpful topics discussed on Airbnb podcasts include:

  • Resources and tools to help boost your listings
  • How to find and retain the perfect cleaner
  • Ways to tackle challenges and be successful in your niche
  • Actionable advice on how to make a good investment
  • How to boost guest satisfaction
  • How to deal with the stress of renovations
  • Running a vacation rental while traveling
  • How to be ahead of future trends
  • Interior design tips

This is just a small selection of topics. As you listen to the Airbnb podcasts listed below and discover other shows, you’re sure to find and learn about topics relevant to your business.

Top 5 Airbnb Vacation Rental Podcasts For Airbnb Hosts Tips

Just as there are podcasts for vacation rental cleaners, there are also helpful podcasts for vacation rental hosts. Now that you know some of the topics to expect from Airbnb podcasts, want to find out the best ones to subscribe to?

The industry continues to grow and change, so there are numerous vacation rental podcast hosts who enjoy sharing useful resources for up-and-coming professionals like you. Let’s take a look at our top five Airbnb podcast picks.

1. Kated Travel Podcast

By: Stephen Bailey, Founder of

Stephen Bailey is a travel enthusiast who serves as inspiration for vacationers and vacation rental owners. He has been constantly traveling since 2007 and sharing his experiences from over 100 countries.

Besides sharing his own experiences, Stephen also invites guests across the travel and vacation rental industries: from travelers to writers to STR experts. Each episode of his podcast is 10 to 20 minutes long, giving you a convenient way to listen and learn more about a variety of insightful topics in the vacation industry.

Vacation rental hosts who tune into this podcast will learn many aspects of industry growth and trends in different countries, cities, and regions. You can apply these insights to optimize your own listing.

For example, in one Kated Travel Podcast episode, he interviewed Wolf Worster, Director of Partnerships at TurnoverBnB, who discussed current trends for local property management companies looking to expand nationally and internationally. They also discussed the secrets of keeping up with safety, quality, and cleaning standards to save time and stress.

2. Guest Xperience Podcast

By: Matthew Loney and Brian Hamaoui

Matthew Loney is the President and CEO of Xplorie, a platform that combines professionally-managed vacation properties and free, fun activities. With his expertise in the travel and tourism industry, Matthew partnered up with Brian Hamaoui, who founded one of the first guest experience apps in the industry, Myguestbook, and now runs a property management company and is a partner at a real estate company.

Together, they take a broader look at the hospitality industry and discuss useful software to automate your vacation rental business to enhance both the host and guest experience.

By listening to Matthew and Brian, you will be introduced to the newest technology and data-driven strategies that are pushing the vacation rental industry forward.

3. Short Term Rental Secrets

By: Michael Sjogren and Emanuele Pani

Mike Sjogren and Emanuele Pani are vacation rental experts and coaches. Both are experienced in real estate and scaling up Airbnb businesses to achieve financial freedom. With their experience and knowledge in the real estate industry, Mike and Emanuele explore ways to achieve big results and are a great source of information for any ambitious business owner — including vacation rental hosts. 

Mike and Emanuel invite guests with wide-ranging experience in the industry. For example, in their podcast episode Bringing Automation and Peace of Mind to STR Operators with Assaf Karmon, Assaf, Co-Founder and CEO of TurnoverBnB, shared that, “if you try to be the best at everything, you will lose the sharpness and the quality, but if you’re doing one thing, it will give you a lot of focus and the ability to provide a great experience.”

If you’re looking for a dose of wisdom and significant advice from industry professionals, listen to Short-Term Rental Secrets.

4. Vacation Rental Success Podcast

By: Heather Bayer

Heather Bayer, aka CottageBlogger, is not only a podcaster but is also a blogger, the author of Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit, and CEO of a highly successful cottage rental company, Vacation Rental Formula.

With her invaluable experience, skills, and knowledge, she makes sure to provide her audience with better methods and new ideas that can be put into action right away.

Heather posts episodes weekly, featuring industry influencers and booming business owners. By tuning in with her, you will gain an in-depth understanding of managing your bookings, marketing your vacation rental, and making good investments.

5. BnB Boss

By: Michelle Russell

Michelle Russel is a podcast host and CEO of Short Term Rental Revenue. With Michelle’s experience in real estate and the short- and long-term rental industries, she enjoys creating content that covers the most up-to-date news on the vacation rental industry, politics, and religion.

Michelle’s podcasts boast real-life stories and resources regarding all things property investment and vacation rentals. For instance, in her Real-Life Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them podcast episode, Michelle reveals some based-on-true-events horror stories to teach hosts like you how to protect yourself and your property from things you don’t have control over.

6. Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

By: Wil Slickers

Wil Slickers is another must-listen podcast host with years of experience in the hospitality industry. He worked at a Marriot Autograph Collection hotel in Spokane, Washington where he performed various roles.

After learning and honing his skills working at the hotel, he started managing properties and restaurants, while establishing a podcast. Wil eventually found passion in teaching people interested in the hospitality and management industry, so he decided to run his podcast full-time.

With a Hospitality and Revenue Management Certification through Cornell University, Wil produces content bursting with cool new stories and resources for vacation rentals.

Get Inspired and Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

Listening to Airbnb podcasts will leave you inspired to grow your business with a holistic view of all the news and updates affecting the vacation rental industry.

Being guided by some of the most respected podcast hosts, including Stephen Bailey, Matthew Loney, Brian Hamaoui, Michael Sjogren, Heather Bayer, Michelle Russell, and Wil Slickers, will give your vacation rental business an edge. You’ll learn real-life tips and advice and gain a well-rounded knowledge of the market.

For more helpful tips on running a vacation rental business, visit our other resources.

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