By: Karli Jaenike

Listing your property is probably the hardest part of maintaining a rental. Airbnb makes suggestions based on the pricing of related local properties, but it’s important to do your own due diligence to make sure you are not only offering the best deal for the most competitive price, but showing your place off properly.

We thought it might make sense to check in on how the most expensive Airbnb listings do it, and to learn a lesson from those who offer listings for the most luxurious places. Though yours might not be a manse in paradise, there’s a great deal to learn from how expensive properties strut their stuff (or fail to).

Our friends at Simply Self Storage ranked the highest priced Airbnbs in the most searched for cities to discover how they position their goods.

How do the Most Expensive Airbnb’s Show Off

How do the Most Expensive Airbnb’s Show Off

1) SXSW Exclusive Villa | The price:  $10,075/night

This listing takes into account the proximity to SXSW as well as the truly gorgeous property. Notice that they say no cancellations during SXSW and require pre-approval to book. Just because your property is much less expensive, doesn’t mean you can’t be equally discerning.

2) Hualalai Villa | The price: $7,100/night

While you may not have the amazing view of a Hawaiian sunset on a private infinity pool on your property, you might take away this tip. They mention the celebrities that have stayed there — names like: Stevie Nicks, Peyton Manning, John Elway, and Cameron Diaz.  Probably you don’t have A-listers at your property, but you can mention the kinds of guests that have enjoyed your place — even if it’s just to say “young professionals” or “visiting theatre artists”.

Hualalai, Hawaii

Hualalai, Hawaii

3) Home Host Event Farm | The price: $5000/night

While this is a 30-acre farm in the Rockies, what you might take from it is stressing surroundings. Professional quality photographs paint the place perfectly.

4) 295 Walnut | Price: $4000/night

There are do’s and don’ts on this listing. Here’s one of the don’ts: while this place is clearly gorgeous and a great property for New Orleans, you immediately see that the non-professional quality pics make it look less inviting. And the puppy weewee pads pictured on the floor, make for a less luxurious feel.

5) The Publishing House | Price: $3250/night

This fully revamped Bed and Breakfast feels like part of the city and emphasizes how it fits into the local history of Chicago. Consider how your own property might have some historical value. (At the publishing time, their Airbnb listing was down, but we’ve linked to their main site above).



6) Reunion Zero | Price: $4628/night

This gonzo place lists every amenity and you should too! Do you have a ping-pong table, a butler pantry, a large screen tv (probably not 150” like this place, but still) make sure you think of all the assets your rental has to offer, down to the wifi and the DVD player.

7) Southernmost Hospitality VII | Price: $2,910/night

One thing we love about this place is the “named” rooms. Even if your home doesn’t have genuinely themed bedrooms, it’s an appealing addition to give your home some character.

8) Villa Shangri-La | Price: $2,500/night

And speaking of themes, you can create a narrative that surrounds your entire property. In this case, they have a tranquil zen paradise. There’s no reason you can’t do something similar with a smaller venue. Even if you don’t have a pink marble bathroom.  

9) The “W” Nashville | Price: $2,500/night

Here is the full description for this property: “Vacation Paradise, private pool, minutes from down”  — while we respect the whole minimalist thing, several typos in the only line of description do not inspire confidence that the $2500 per night price tag is worth it. The point being, use spell check and take some time with your description.

10) Atlanta Estate | Price: $1,600/night

While it isn’t the most elegant language in the world, the first-person reference to “My place” is a nice addition. It gives it an inviting feel. Consider how you might work something like that into your listing.

After looking at these listings, there are a number of possible lessons to take (both good and bad) about how to make sure your property is presented in the best light. Make sure to take the time necessary to go over the language in your listing. It is your window to the customer and will be the difference between you and your nearest competitor.