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Airbnb Fourth of July Party Policies Explained

July 01, 2021

Ensure your vacation rental adheres to all Airbnb party ban rules by following our guide for a safe holiday weekend.

Airbnb Fourth of July Party Policies

As COVID-19 guidelines begin to loosen and travel increases, it is important to ensure that guests will still be safe when visiting your vacation rental. This Fourth of July weekend, it is important to remind guests of Airbnb party policies extending throughout the summer.

Party Ban

Airbnb instated a global ban on parties in August 2020 when COVID-19 cases were still on the rise and vaccines hadn’t yet been approved. This included gatherings of more than 16 people and disruptive parties and events.

Recently, Airbnb extended this party ban until at least the end of the summer 2021.

If a guest is reported for not following their hosts’ guidelines, they may receive a suspension or removal from the Airbnb platform. On the other hand, if a host is found authorizing parties, their listing may be subject to removal. In addition, their listing may be subject to suspension and hosts will need to update rules to reflect the party ban.

Airbnb party policies are enforced in many ways.

First, Airbnb offers a Neighborhood Support Line. This is a forum where neighbors of Airbnb properties can report parties or disturbances.

If necessary, they can also chat directly with the Neighborhood Support team.

Secondly, guests under 25 years of age are unable to book entire home listings in their local area.

Additionally, guests with a limited number of reviews cannot make last-minute reservations. The attractiveness of a short-term rental for partygoers to rent an Airbnb is especially prevalent on a three-day weekend. Unfortunately, hosts and property managers do not have control over everyone who is able to rent. This new initiative in part by Airbnb could result in stricter standards for short-term rentals.

Finally, guests without a background of positive reviews cannot make one-night reservations for entire home listings on the Fourth of July Weekend. This is so that hosts can have peace of mind that their guests are certified Airbnb guests with a history of good ratings from other hosts.

All of these measures are put in place to ensure that holiday parties and large get-togethers will not occur during the holiday weekend.

Communicate with Guests

It is important to properly communicate with guests so they have a clear understanding of party restrictions during their stay.

First, contact guests prior to their arrival to inform them of the no-party policy guidelines. Be sure to include host information and policies in addition to Airbnb party policies. For example, if your neighborhood requests no noise after 10 PM, be sure to relay that information to your guests.

Upon arrival, it is also helpful to have a sign by the door to remind guests of host and Airbnb policies. This will remind guests to be respectful and safe when visiting your vacation rental.

If you’re thinking of creating a travel guide, be sure to include the following points:

  • Check-in and Check-out Times
  • Party ban rules
  • Maximum # of guests: 16
  • Overnight guest information
  • Smoking rules
  • Quiet hours
  • WiFi instructions and password
  • Emergency protocol

Suggested Language

Airbnb party ban for fourth of July - Airbnb Coronavirus Updates

First, make sure to clearly state information regarding policies and house rules. This will prevent confusion and misunderstanding from occurring. Make rules as simple and concise as possible, to prevent guests from skimming over important information.

Second, make sure that you are available in case guests may have questions or concerns about the space. It is important to stay in touch with guests as much as possible to prevent any problems from occurring. Many hosts use scheduled messages and quick replies to make communication easy and efficient.

Lastly, it is important to be kind and attentive towards guests. Guests will feel taken care of and more comfortable in your space when given welcoming treatment. If guests have difficulty speaking your language, provide all the necessary information in their language and have an open mind towards language barriers that may occur.

Alternative Plans for Guests

If guests are in need of a last-minute reservation, they are still able to book listings for hotel or private rooms that are available.

fourth of july party policies
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In addition, guests can keep in touch with family and friends through virtual hangouts.

Some Airbnb’s might include a space for remote working, which is a great area to utilize when meeting with friends and family virtually. With many video chatting options such as Facetime, Zoom, and more, guests can talk to loved ones without going over the 16 person limit.

If you are renting an Airbnb for the weekend, the rules are simple: keep your guest limit to 16 or less.

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