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How to Customize Amenities to Optimize the Guest Experience

septembre 16, 2021

Optimizing the guest experience is much more than just making your rental home look clean and tidy. Read more for the best amenities to up your rental game.

Optimizing the guest experience is much more than just making your rental home look clean and tidy. To get ahead of the competition, vacation homes offer amenities that create an exciting, interactive experience. The following is a list of amenities you can add to your home that will optimize the guest experience, leaving visitors ready to return for more.

Location location location

Whether your guests are visiting for a business trip or on vacation, it is important to have amenities relevant to your location. For example, if a guest is visiting a vacation home in a cold climate, when they live in a warm climate, they may not be aware of amenities that will make their stay more comfortable. Small touches include:

  • portable fireplace
  • weighted blankets
  • skewers for cooking
  • hot chocolate ingredients

Here are some examples of location-specific amenities that will create an efficient and enjoyable stay for your guests:

Beach Vacation Homes

When guests visit a vacation home near the beach, they will be going back and forth between staying inside and doing water-related activities. So, it is important to have amenities that will make their experience hassle-free. For example, make sure to have beach towels and chairs readily available for guests to use by the door. In addition, a map that showing the easiest route to the beach is useful for visitors unfamiliar with the area.

Finally, coolers and water toys are items that guests will be grateful for. They would also benefit from a beach umbrella, extra sunscreen, and Guests won’t have to go out of their way to purchase products they will only use for a short period of time, and they will be thankful you took the extra step to look out for them.

Overall, adding small amenities to your beach vacation home can make a guests’ stay more comfortable and relaxing.

How to customize amenities to optimize the guest experience

Lakefront Vacation Homes

Though a lakefront vacation home is similar to a beach house, there are different amenities that will optimize guest experiences. If possible, having paddling equipment such as kayaks and paddleboards gives guests the opportunity to experience lake activities without the high cost.

Similar to the beach house, having a map that locates nearby lakes and activities will come in handy for guests. Nearby hikes, along with a list of what guests should bring (ex. mosquito repellant) can come in handy in case guests are unsure how to prepare for nearby attractions.

You don’t need to purchase any expensive items out of your budget, but considering the more essential things like nice beach chairs and lawn games can set you apart from other listings.

Warm Climates

When staying at a vacation home in a warm climate, it is important to make sure guests are having a pleasant stay without worrying about the heat. First, be sure to give instructions for the air conditioner or cooling equipment at your vacation home. If you own an air conditioner, be sure to keep it at a consistent temperature around 78 degrees during summer.

In addition, make sure that guests can easily access cold beverages. Regularly do checkups on refrigerators’ ice machines to ensure that no problems will occur during their stay.

Cold Climates

Having amenities such as snowshoes, sleds, and toys for children will make a trip to a colder climate enjoyable. Give guests the option to enjoy a warm drink by adding hot cocoa packets, tea bags, and water heaters to your home.

In addition, having detailed instructions about heating controls, as guests may be faced with unfamiliar systems in place. Similar to a vacation home in a warm climate, make sure the thermostat is at a consistent temperature.

Finally, provide a snow removal service so guests will enjoy their stay worry-free. This can be as simple as hiring a neighbor to shovel your home during snowy days, or hiring a professional service. Either way, providing this service to visitors will be sure to optimize the guest experience.

Include Nearby Activities

Finally, a helpful amenity for guests is a comprehensive list of nearby activities. Similar to hotels with pamphlets of attractions in the area, creating a travel guide for visitors will make them feel right at home.

They will be grateful for activity ideas during their stay, and you can also help small businesses get new customers. This guide can also be used to inform guests of house rules and transportation information. Overall, this amenity will optimize the guest experience by giving them more information about their stay.

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