The TurnoverBnB Team is proud to announce that our vacation rental cleaning web application is now available, and it is absolutely free to manage one property.

TurnoverBnB The vacation rental cleaning software is now Live!!

This is an initial release with many more features to come.

Our aim is to make vacation rental cleaning seamless and completely hands-off for you the host. These features are only the beginning:

  • As a host you can sync your Airbnb vacation rental property calendar; no more preparing schedules for your cleaners!
  • As a host, you can invite your existing cleaners via SMS or email.
  •  Your cleaners will be able to create an account and receive notifications about your vacation rental property. This means you no longer have to call each of them about your new bookings.
  •  Your cleaner will be able to accept or reject cleaning projects for your property.
  •  As a host, you will be able to view which of your turnovers has been accepted and by which cleaner. No need to follow up or be on the phone all day!

We hope that this initial release will save hosts around the country time and effort. We strive to make hosting more enjoyable and less cumbersome. Go ahead and SIGNUP It’s completely free for one property. Free like tap water that tastes awesome. Monthly subscriptions are available and when you pay for an annual plan, we give you an automatic 25% discount.

We are working hard to make hosting and vacation rental cleaning even more seamless. In the coming weeks we are going to release additional features:

  • More platforms such as Home Away, VRBO and TripAdvisor’s Flipkey will be supported. We are even going to support everyday google calendar sync.
  • As a host, you will be able to receive email notifications when a cleaner accepts your cleaning project.
  • When no cleaner accepts your project after a few days from booking, we will notify you with an email or SMS.
  • Credit card processing: You will be able to pay your cleaners with a credit card, making it easy to document and track your property expenses while racking up miles!

Toward the end of the summer, we are planning to release our vacation rental cleaning mobile application. The app will be available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store. Update: both the host app and cleaner apps are available.

Look for our blog posts to know exactly what features we will include. We can tell you right now that it will also be FREE to use with your cleaners.

Learn more about our mobile app for cleaners here.