Knowing when and what to deep clean

Many short term rentals get turned over so often, it’s hard to gauge how often you should incorporate a deep clean and what you should be cleaning. Creating a checklist for yourself or your vacation rental cleaner can keep you on a deep clean schedule, in addition to making sure your space is in tip top condition.

Ventilation Systems

This is some thing that is often overlooked, but very important. The next time you are in your short-term rental, take a look up into your air conditioning vents and your bathroom exhaust fans. What do you see? Probably a lot of gunky dust. This is getting spewed into the air every time the heat, air or fans are running. Every 6 months, take a look and see if these need to be cleaned, chances are that they do.

Baseboards and Crown Molding

Here is another thing that’s frequently missed. It makes a huge difference in how clean a place will look. Pay special attention to entry ways that tend to get a lot more dust accumulation. These can take a while to clean, but hitting them once a year will do the trick.

Ceiling Fans

Not only are ceiling fans a nice addition to a room, they can get used quite a bit especially in the summer. Therefore get really dusty! The more often you can clean them the better. Fitting this one in about once a month will make them easier to clean and keep them looking nice.

Kitchen Stoves

Ugh. You knew this one was coming, everyone hates cleaning their stove. Fortunately, not everyone who stays in a vacation rental cooks while they are there, so your rental oven may not get as much use as your home oven would. Incorporate this icky task into your yearly deep clean to keep your stove tidy.


Generally speaking, you should clean your carpets professionally about once a year; however, if you are getting a lot of guests coming through your place, you may want to clean them more frequently, say around every 3 to 6 months depending on the color and type of carpeting you have. Have your vacation rental cleaner incorporate this in based on whether they think its needed. Clean floors (regardless of the material) will have a huge impact on how clean your place looks.

Tile and Grout

This is another little detail that will make a HUGE difference when you really put some effort into a deep clean. It’s something that can take a while depending on how much tile you have in your place, but its well worth the time investment and it will really make your place shine. Staying on top of this once a year will keep your grout from getting too dirty.

Keeping your vacation rental cleaners on a consistent deep clean schedule helps to keep your place looking great and well maintained without breaking the bank!

About the Author: Lisa is a professional Airbnb cleaner located in Denver, Colorado. To view Lisa’s profile or to book Lisa for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.