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How To Become An Airbnb Housekeeper

March 22, 2021

Thinking about becoming an Airbnb housekeeper and not sure where to begin? Follow this guide to help you start your cleaning career!

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Whether it will be your side job to make some extra money or your full-time job, becoming an Airbnb housekeeper can be a great career choice.

Things To Consider

Many things go into creating a self-driven business, and with that comes much preparation. Before deciding to start your business, make sure you have the right foundation, literally and physically, to handle the job. Make sure you know what it is going to take to run an Airbnb housekeeper business.

Is your body in the right condition to be working the often strenuous job that housekeeping requires?

Constantly moving around and using different parts of your body in repeat motions can be extremely difficult if your health and overall mobility are not in the right spot. Find ways to stay healthy both physically and mentally to prepare for this job.

It also helps to do some market research on various pricing and services offered by other vacation rental cleaners in your location. Find out what other housekeepers charge for certain jobs to determine how you would want to price your own.

Determining the type of cleaning services you will offer will help you compare prices more thoroughly. You can find cleaners to compare pricing by simply researching on Google, Yelp, or even Craigslist.

Create Your Business Plan

Any strong business plan contains close attention to detail.  Along with determining your business name, possible logo, transportation requirements, and supplies, there are other important factors that you must consider. Reviewing these details right from the start will prove beneficial as you continue to draft your business plan.

Questions to help you develop your plan may include:

  • Do I want to offer indoor and outdoor cleaning services?
  • Will I offer additional services, such as carpet cleaning or more specialized services? Be as specific as you can to maximize your opportunities to gain more clients.
  • What type of cleaning products will I use? (i.e., eco-friendly options or other cleaning solutions)

If you decide to include more specialized cleaning, this will need to be reflected in your pricing, as well as your overall marketing strategy. Do your research and compare these specializations with other cleaning services.  This will help you stay competitive with your pricing and not undervalue your time.

Do you need to add another cleaner to your team, or will you be working solo? This may change over time as your business continues to grow. Social media sites such as Facebook, Angie’s List, and Craigslist can be good places to meet other potential cleaners to hire if needed. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Market Yourself

After you have figured out the operating basics, it is time to get out there and advertise yourself!

There are many ways to gain clients, beginning with word-of-mouth referrals, a website, and social media presence. One place to start is TurnoverBnB’s Marketplace.  

Once you sign up, you will be connected to Airbnb hosts in your area. You can set your own prices and accept or reject any project offers. This is a great place to begin building your client base!  

Once you have completed more projects, consider creating a website for your business. This is a great way to create more awareness of your business and help you gain more clients. There are many different online companies that you can choose from to create templates for a website easily. 

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In addition to a website, consider creating social media profiles such as Instagram or Facebook. Facebook has many different groups that you can join, such as Airbnb housekeeper groups. This way, you can ask situational questions and get answers quickly. You can also post before and after photos of your individual jobs to gain more recognition! 

Streamline Communication

As you gain more cleaning jobs and experience, you will have to communicate frequently with Airbnb hosts. After finding the most effective method for you to communicate best, make sure you maintain consistency.

Using a platform that automatically sends project confirmations to the host after you accept a project and confirmation notifications when the job has been completed is extremely useful. TurnoverBnB has all of these features and more to make sure your communication is streamlined. 

Do Your Homework

To make sure your business is legally able to operate, check your state’s requirements before accepting cleaning projects.

Want to stand out from other cleaning services? Consider purchasing bond or liability insurance. These will make your business look even more creditable, and you can obtain it for a relatively low price.

Use your state’s Department of Commerce website as a resource on how to apply for insurance for your business. You can easily print your licenses and insurance documents directly from the website. 

Start Growing Your Business

If becoming an Airbnb housekeeper sounds like the right career path for you, use this guide to help you get started growing your business.

To further help your business stand out, check out this article to better understand what Airbnb hosts are looking for when finding the right Airbnb cleaning service for their property.

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