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For Cleaners: How to Optimize Your Profile to Win Bids

June 13, 2022

Your TurnoverBnB marketplace application has been submitted and approved — very exciting! Once a customer request is available in your area, you can place a bid. But how can you maximize your TurnoverBnB cleaner profile to win bids and stay competitive in the market? Learn four ways to attract more customers, win more bids, and boost your profits.

Help Your Cleaning Business Stand Out and Go From Overlooked to Overbooked

Don’t let your perseverance and impressive work get overlooked. Instead, maximize your TurnoverBnB cleaner profile to win bids and get busy with a calendar full of scheduled cleaning projects.

Starting a cleaning business can be exceptionally profitable. As you get more cleaning projects, you’ll have more opportunities to dazzle clients with your excellent work and dedication. But to acquire more cleaning jobs, you’ll first have to optimize your profile on the TurnoverBnB cleaner app.

Keep reading to find out how you can earn more revenue and become a Super Cleaner, a top-rated cleaner on TurnoverBnB.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Cleaner Profile to Win Bids

To be one of the top-performing cleaners on TurnoverBnB, you need a stellar cleaner profile and to be successful in winning bids. Below, learn four easy ways to upgrade your profile.

1. Earn TurnoverBnB Badges

Attaining TurnoverBnB badges is one of the best ways to communicate that you are a professional and credible cleaner who takes pride in your work. The more badges you receive, the higher your cleaner profile will rank, helping you earn trust and win bids from hosts.

By earning the TurnoverBnB badges mentioned below, you can increase your likelihood of attracting hosts, booking cleaning jobs, and bringing in more profits.

Background Check

A background check badge shows hosts that their vacation rental home will be in good hands if they hire you for a professional cleaning service. This badge is known among hosts to be the most important in proving your trustworthiness and reliability.

Liability Insurance

It’s crucial to have general liability insurance to protect you from claims of accidents that may arise during your cleaning. Obtaining a TurnoverBnB liability insurance badge can demonstrate that you have adequate coverage and take the risks involved in your business operation seriously.


Getting a TurnoverBnB license badge will show hosts that you are highly qualified to provide cleaning services, as you have the right knowledge and skills to successfully complete any cleaning job.


A bonding badge is a certificate with a summary of your cleaning company’s liability insurance coverage. This gives hosts assurance that your cleaning business is well protected in case of any mishaps.

Enhanced Cleaning

Earning an enhanced cleaning badge is required for cleaners on the TurnoverBnB marketplace. It’s acquired by taking a COVID-19 Education and Safety course and proves that you understand the proper cleaning and disinfecting steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

2. Collect Positive Reviews

Another critical factor to help your cleaning business thrive and captivate more hosts is to collect positive reviews.

Reviews are published on your cleaner profile, so be sure to keep a high standard of cleanliness, punctuality, consistency, and great communication. This way, hosts will be more likely to leave high-star ratings about your service.

3. Describe Your Experience

Your TurnoverBnB cleaner bio is your business card and portfolio all in one. It allows you to make a great first impression of your cleaning service to hosts in just seconds. This means that your bio is one of the most crucial ways to communicate your expertise and ultimately convert prospects into clients.

In your bio, be sure to include the following:

  • Previous experience: State how long you have been cleaning and which types of clients you have worked with (i.e., residential, corporate, vacation rental, etc.). This will show that you are experienced and knowledgeable.
  • Certifications and other accolades: Proudly display your certifications and other recognitions as a qualified cleaner to show that you have extensive knowledge and experience in maintaining a clean environment. As a result, you can increase client satisfaction and trust, helping you attract more bookings.
  • Positive traits and qualifications: Tell hosts how you pay attention to details to show that you go above and beyond to provide prime service to every property you clean. Similarly, state in your bio that you are an excellent communicator to show that your service will be able to meet hosts’ immediate needs. Hosts are always on the go, and the last thing they want is a cleaner who is not effective in communicating.

4. Provide a Quality Photo

Just as you would be careful to avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes in your bio, the picture you choose to use needs to be just as well thought out.

In a way, a quality photo defines your cleaning service reputation — so make sure you display a clear, friendly, and relevant profile picture. Additionally, a great photo can be associated with building trust and showing professionalism.

Bonus Tip: Increase the Number of Cleaning Projects Shown on Your Profile

There are countless professional cleaners who have reached financial freedom on automation platforms like TurnoverBnB. Their secret? Lots of vacation rental cleaning experience. The market is competitive, and there are tens of thousands of cleaners bidding to get more customers.

One of the main factors hosts consider when looking for a cleaner is the number of projects completed. The higher the number of completed successful projects, the higher the chance you’ll get chosen among your competitors.

It’s important to bid strategically for your first few cleaning projects. For example, if your area is pricing between $100 to $200 per project, you may want to bid around $110.

Once you have received more bids and completed more projects, you will earn a Super Cleaner badge. This badge will communicate to hosts that your higher price tag is accompanied by the highest quality and well worth the cost.

Expand Your Network With an Optimized Cleaner Profile

Your cleaning venture on TurnoverBnB can be extremely profitable as you maintain your dedication and hard work in the marketplace. To stay top-of-mind as one of the best cleaners in your area and have your bids get accepted by more hosts, apply our tips to optimize your cleaner profile.

Increase your cleaning projects and revenue streams by joining TurnoverBnB’s marketplace and downloading the cleaner app now.

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