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How to Prevent Pests in Your Airbnb

March 24, 2021

Follow these five tips to prevent unwanted pests.

Owning a rental property comes with a lot of responsibility as it is. How to prevent pests in your Airbnb should be among your top priorities.

Whether this is your very first Airbnb or you manage multiple properties, keeping out critters and insects is part of the upkeep.

Factors that impact your potential pest problem include:

  • Where your Airbnb is located
  • Climate
  • Age of your property

Depending on these three key factors (and any combination of these factors), keeping pests out may be harder than you originally anticipated. Fortunately, even if you have trouble with pests from time to time, there are solutions you can look into.

Every property is different. In order to cover all your bases, you may want to try a variety of solutions to see what works best for yours. Not only will it contribute to your peace of mind, but it will also make the experience better for your guests. Here are a few of the ways you can prevent pests in your Airbnb.


While this is something you really should already be doing to keep your Airbnb inviting to your guests, it can actually also help to keep pests away.

Pests of all kinds tend to hide in crevices and cracks, especially when there’s clutter or things kept close together. While decluttering isn’t a catch-all solution for keeping pests out, it is a great first step.

Clean the Furniture

Unfortunately, pests can hide in all kinds of places – including furniture. From mattresses to sofas to chairs, no piece of furniture is safe.

Even non-plush furniture is not spared from pests. So what can you do to help prevent this? Clean your furniture regularly and between guest stays to keep pests out of your rental property. You can vacuum couches or other plush furniture and thoroughly clean hard furniture surfaces as well.

Close Up Cracks

As homes age, cracks and crevices may begin to appear in the walls, floors, or sometimes other surfaces around the home. Structural elements including the foundation can experience cracking as settling occurs and materials dry out over the years.

This is a perfect way for bugs and other pests to move in, as they get in through these cracks. Keep an eye out for any changes to your home’s exterior as well as interior to be able to quickly solve the problem. It is important to seal up any cracks that appear – eliminating one more common way pests can enter your Airbnb.

Seal Windows and Doors

Pests often enter through the intentional openings in your home – doors left ajar, open windows, and even skylights. In order to keep this in check, seal doors and windows tightly and consider adding screens if you do not already.

In addition to keeping out pests, sealing doors and windows can also help regulate the temperature and protect against the elements.

Keep Food Storage Airtight

Nothing attracts bugs and pests more than food left out or not sealed properly. If you keep any food stored in your Airbnb’s pantry, check regularly to make sure it is closed and kept airtight.

A good practice is to check all your food storage in between guest stays. This is an easy solution that can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Prevent Pests in Your Airbnb

Pests are no joke. By following these tips you will be on the fast track to keeping pests away – which will allow you to continue to focus on growing your business.

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By Cora Gold