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Marketing Your Airbnb: The Surprising Way to Attract More Guests to Your Listing

March 27, 2021

Find out how to leverage nearby restaurants when marketing your Airbnb.

marketing your Airbnb at local restaurants

Airbnb allows many property owners the opportunity to earn a second income, but operating a successful rental business requires more than just fresh linens and beautiful property images. Marketing your Airbnb is necessary when attracting guests to your listing.

With a little marketing, you will be able to expose your property to an even larger audience than before. This guide explains how to leverage nearby restaurants to help boost business at your Airbnb.

You don’t need a marketing degree or years of experience to become a great rental property manager. Use these tips to think strategically about why people book your Airbnb and how nearby restaurants could help make them more interested in booking a stay.

First, Develop a Restaurant List

Some vacation rental projects increase revenue by appealing to visitors through luxury amenities and perks. While you may not have the budget to install a hot tub or build an outdoor BBQ area, creating a nearby restaurant list could be a great zero-cost way to offer a service to your guests.

Guests love recommendations – whether it’s restaurants, attractions, or other unique opportunities to help create an even more memorable experience.

Some vacationers thrive on researching and pre-planning their getaways. Others prefer to go with the flow and rely on local recommendations once they arrive at their destination. No matter the type of guest you have staying at your Airbnb, they are sure to appreciate a list of local eateries, ranging from diners to five-star restaurants. Your guests will never have to wonder where to get a great meal.

Consider promoting this on your listing to help give you an edge over other properties nearby. You may even want to go a step further and offer guests an opportunity to message you prior to their stay for a personalized list of recommendations. Personalized touches like this can go a long way to delight your guests.

Highlight Unique Dining Features and Special Discounts

In addition to preparing a curated restaurant list to display in your Airbnb, another way to help increase your Airbnb marketing efforts is to actually take time to visit the restaurants you’d like to promote on your list. Simply having a conversation with the restaurant owner or manager could lead to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Consider asking the following questions, and remember, you’ll never know unless you ask!

  • Could the restaurant offer either a physical coupon or coupon code exclusive to your guests (i.e. complimentary appetizer with purchase of an entrée)?
  • Would they like to provide printed menus to include in your Airbnb welcome packet?
  • Is the restaurant willing to include any other special offering to your guests (i.e. promote a special prix fixe menu)? Remember to follow up with restaurants around major holidays to see if they are offering separate holiday menus or special events or activities, like New Year’s Eve.

Many travelers desire a unique experience when choosing their lodging, planning any attractions or activities, as well as any culinary adventures. This is a great opportunity to show off any unique eateries near your Airbnb.

Be sure to highlight any restaurants on your list that may appeal to your guests’ dietary restrictions or preferences. This can also include noting any restaurants that source local menu items or maintain sustainable restaurant practices.

Prospective guests are more likely to book your Airbnb if you promote unique dining features or special restaurant deals they may be able to receive by booking your property.

Determine a Cross-Promotional Strategy

We’ve already reviewed how rental property owners can partner with nearby restaurants to secure special discounts for their guests. Now, let’s discuss how marketing your Airbnb will also be beneficial to the restaurant as cross-promotion.

Most restaurants have certain days of the week that are generally slower than others. Use your proposed partnership as a way to drum up more business on otherwise slow days – or even target specific hours outside of the normal high-traffic dining times.

Now is the time to get creative! The restaurant may welcome ideas to help promote its business while forming a mutually beneficial relationship with you as a vacation property owner that could lead to more cross-promotion down the road.

Businesses can work together to increase revenue across the board. Speak with restaurant owners to discuss how a partnership would lead more tourists through their doors. It will give your property a competitive edge while supporting your favorite eateries.

Help Connect Restaurants to More Travelers

Visitors will often eat at restaurants aligned with their travel purposes, so consider why people book your Airbnb listing.

People may choose to stay in a specific location because of a popular tourist attraction nearby. If visitors opt to stay at your vacation rental with the primary intent to spend as much time at the beach as they can, there’s a good chance they will gravitate toward restaurants nearby so they can continue to soak up the sun. Keep this in mind when selecting which restaurants to add to your recommended list.

Travelers will also take note of specific restaurant recommendations you include directly on your Airbnb listing. This may help prospective guests better imagine how their vacation can look if they stay at your property and take advantage of all the surrounding hot spots. This will allow them to better plan their activities, knowing the food offerings nearby.

Leverage Restaurants When Marketing Your Airbnb

A little bit of research (and hitting the pavement) can go a long way for vacation property owners when marketing your business.

Make a restaurant list for guests and have a conversation with your favorite local eateries about offering discounts or other promotional opportunities to determine how you can best work together – and ultimately boost business at your Airbnb.

Your guests will appreciate their effortless dining experiences they’ll be able to enjoy on vacation, and you’ll increase your annual bookings.

This strategy may help you develop additional marketing tactics you can use to partner with other local businesses. Soon you will have a robust list of local hot spots to entice prospective guests to book your property, as well as an impressive welcome packet with a variety of recommendations, discounts, and unique experiences available to guests during their stay.

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