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Airbnb Cleaning Service Cost: Q3 2021 Data From TurnoverBnB

November 15, 2021

Whether you’re an Airbnb host or cleaner, it’s important to stay in the know about vacation rental cleaning costs with both national and statewide trends. Our cleaning data will allow you to compare your own rates with the national trends and stay competitive in your area. With the latest data, we’ll highlight the states with the highest and lowest summer cleaning costs and give recommendations for improving efficiency in your short-term vacation rental business.

Q3 2021 Airbnb Cleaning Cost National Averages

The infographics below are compiled based on completed projects on the TurnoverBnB vacation rental cleaning platform from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. We’ve separated the data into 3 categories: 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom costs and listed the top 3 states with the highest and lowest cleaning costs in each section.

1-Bedroom Average Cleaning Cost

The average vacation rental cleaning cost for a 1-bedroom property nationwide was $55.93 during Q3 2021. This figure increased by 6.39% from last quarter’s average of $52.57.

The states with the highest and lowest average vacation rental cleaning costs for a 1-bedroom property, based on TurnoverBnB data, are listed below.

Highest cleaning costs:

  • New Jersey – $96.18
  • District of Columbia – $84.93
  • Hawaii – $76.68

Lowest cleaning costs:

  • Wisconsin – $39.87
  • Kentucky – $40.05
  • New Mexico – $40.83

As cleaning costs fluctuate throughout the year, pricing may need to be adjusted to stay competitive in your local market.

2-Bedroom Average Cleaning Cost

The cost for a 2-bedroom cleaning for Q3 was $74.18, increasing 2.88% from Q2 findings.

The states with the highest and lowest average vacation rental cleaning costs for a 2-bedroom property are shown below.

Highest cleaning costs:

  • Hawaii – $132.75
  • New Jersey – $102.17
  • Maine – $94.49

Lowest cleaning costs:

  • Oklahoma – $51.25
  • Kentucky – $51.32
  • Kansas – $51.34

3-Bedroom Average Cleaning Cost

Similarly, the average cost for a 3-bedroom cleaning service rose 2.32% from last quarter to $104.76 in Q3. Below, the states with the highest and lowest average vacation rental cleaning costs for a 3-bedroom property are listed.

Highest cleaning costs:

  • Hawaii – $180.46
  • Maryland – $160.16
  • Washington – $159.18

Lowest cleaning costs:

  • Oklahoma – $65.51
  • Missouri – $66.38
  • Alabama – $68.65

Why Are Vacation Rental Cleaning Costs Rising?

So far in 2021, cleaning costs have increased every quarter. The cost for cleaning 1-, 2-, and 3-bedrooms increased by an average of 3.83% in Q3 — but why are these costs continuing to rise?

Cost of Supplies and Equipment

The steady rise in cleaning costs can be attributed to an increase in the cost of equipment and supplies.

For example, resin, a key ingredient for making plastic, has reached a worldwide shortage. The demand for cleaning tools — most of which are made of plastic — and the lower supply of the material raises the cost of supplies everywhere. This, in turn, raises the cost of cleaning services, as providers need to spend more on their equipment.

Labor Shortage

Right now in the United States, the availability of labor is limited. In the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, government closures forced nearly 30 million American workers out of a job.

Since then, the economy has slowly been recovering, but the U.S. is still facing a demand for labor with no laborers to fill the positions. Such an impact on the availability of labor and resources makes acquiring and retaining cleaning services more difficult than ever.

Cleaning companies are struggling to keep workers and are losing business because of it.

Vacation Rental Industry Growth: Airbnb

Airbnb recently announced its 2021 third-quarter financial results. They reported $2.2 billion in revenue, their highest ever — 36% higher than pre-pandemic Q3 in 2019.

With this in mind, the vacation rental industry as a whole has also seen exponential growth in 2021 and expects to return to pre-COVID numbers in 2022. A Lodgify industry report credits this rise to travelers that are anticipating longer stays and can book with more flexibility.

The destinations that travelers are choosing to visit are also changing. In contrast to urban cities, which are historical top travel destinations, travelers are booking country and beachside escapes expeditiously.

According to an AirDNA occupancy rate report, April 2021 saw an increase in bookings of 67% in smaller urban cities, and this trend is expected to continue into the new year.

What’s more, long-term stays (28 days or more) are booming, making up almost 20% of Airbnb bookings in Q3. Experts predict short- and long-term rental bookings will continue to increase in urban and rural destinations in 2022.

Between flexible work schedules and vaccination efforts, there’s a possibility that the vacation rental industry will surpass pre-pandemic figures next year.

The Value of Property Management Systems for Hosts

In an industry that thrives off of competition, property management systems (PMS) offer much value for vacation rental hosts.

From dynamic pricing tools to noise monitoring technology, these systems were designed to optimize any short-term renting experience. Airbnb managers that utilize property management software hold a competitive edge over others through added value and logistical support.

TurnoverBnB, a platform that connects vacation rental hosts to cleaners, is perhaps one of the most efficient PMS on the market. The app saves hosts time by recruiting reliable cleaners and increases efficiency, providing consistent results for any rental property.

How TurnoverBnB Gives Hosts a Competitive Advantage

As the demand for vacation rentals increases, so does the need for quality cleaning services.

It’s no secret that finding reliable cleaners for your vacation rental property can be difficult. TurnoverBnB automates the process of finding dependable cleaning services, syncs cleaners to your booking calendar, and makes paying seamless.

TurnoverBnB simplifies the hardest part of managing a vacation rental by streamlining the cleaning process. Join our network of over 30,000 vacation rental hosts already relying on TurnoverBnB for efficient cleanings.

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