Owning a vacation rental property can be full of risks, but it doesn’t have to be. Below are three ways that you can minimize your property risk as a vacation rental host.

1. Read Guest Reviews

Before you accept a booking, make sure to check the reviews that are provided through AirBnB. If the person has used AirBnB in the past, it is likely that their previous hosts have written a review about their stay. Be on the lookout for guests that have a history of negative reviews, and welcome those with reviews that contain words like “tidy” and “respectful”. Doing your research prior to accepting a booking can prevent unwanted stress and cleaning in the future.

2. Proper Introductions

On the day that your guests arrive, make sure to have a thorough introduction. This would be a great time to go over your house rules and what is expected of the guests during their stay. Specify things like the number of visitors that are permitted, where it is acceptable to eat, and the appropriate noise levels. Providing a list of these rules, especially a rental agreement, will ensure that you and your guests are on the same page. Requiring that your guests sign a rental agreement can protect you from unwanted surprises occurring on your property.

3. Invest in Security

There is a wide variety of security devices on the market today. Things like security cameras, motion sensors, and alarms can play a large role in reducing property risk. While invading a guest’s privacy may be an issue, security cameras can prove useful in situations where your property is damaged. Most of these devices can connect to your smartphone, which means you can monitor the activity on your property even when you’re away.