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5 Tasty Food Tours to Book Via Airbnb This Spring

março 19, 2021

Looking to expand your palate this Spring? Try these 5 Airbnb food tours!

Nowadays, most travelers value experiences over souvenirs — and Airbnb is here to help. Learn about your favorite destination through its most famous cuisine with five tasty food tours you can book online. When the meals get messy, we’ll prepare your Airbnb cleaners to deal with the messes!

1. A Sandwich Feast: New York, NY 

Currently rated the number one best Airbnb food tasting experience in New York, A Sandwich Feast is sure to take your taste buds on an adventure. Eat your way through the history and evolution of the sandwich as you visit destinations you won’t find in a typical tourist guidebook.

Feast on three different interpretations of the sandwich and hear stories about the people making them. Come with an open mind and earn how the East Village has influenced the sandwich game in New York. Leave with a full stomach. Another upside to sandwiches is that they’re convenient and rather limited in terms of messes. Keep your sandwiches wrapped in deli paper to save your Airbnb cleaners from an unwanted meeting with mustard.

Sandwiches in New York. Photo by Isabelle Rozenbau on Unsplash.

2. Chef Tour of Pike Place Market: Seattle, WA

Taste your way through the flavors of the northwest with a Chef Tour of Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. This 4.9-star tour is two hours long and includes stops at 10 different artisanal vendors. Skip the line to Pike Place Chowder, taste Beecher’s famous mac n’ cheese and discover the bean to bar chocolate. Learn about local production and see where coffee aficionados get their cup of joe. By the end of your tour, you’ll be able to find your way around the market and stock up on everything you need to make dinner.

If the coffee gets tossed around, you may be left with a tricky stain. Your Airbnb cleaners can tackle coffee stains by mixing one tablespoon of dish soap, one tablespoon of vinegar, and one tablespoon of warm water. After scraping as much of the coffee of the affected area as possible, apply this mixture to the stain and blot with a sponge.

3. French Quarter Food Tour: New Orleans, LA

Louisiana is a cultural melting pot of French, Native American and African culture, so it’s no surprise that New Orleans has a cuisine all of its own. This city is home to gumbo, beignets, and spicy cajun dishes, all of which you’ll try on your French Quarter Food Tour.

Sample classic cuisine and delicacies you’ve probably never seen outside of Cajun country. Learn how hundreds of years of history have shaped local food and how one dish can vary from restaurant to restaurant and end your tour with a sweet treat.

Italian dishes on table. Photo by Pablo Merchan-Montes on Unsplash.

4. Eating Naples, The Slow Food Tour: Napoli, Italy

Get out of the U.S. and experience the many flavors of Italy with Eating Naples, The Slow Food Tour. This cultural street food tour is nearly two and a half hours long and will treat you to a variety of local delicacies and products of high cultural value.

This tour will also take you to Pignasecca and Montesant Markets so you can explore authentic fruit and mozzarella cheese shops. You’ll also have the chance to snack on Tarallo and perhaps drink a glass of local wine. End your tour with delicious ice creams, cakes and real Caffe Napoletano.

5. Madrid Food Tour: Madrid, Spain

Of course, Napoli isn’t the only destination for foodies. Discover the heart of Madrid and learn about Spanish cuisine with the Madrid Food Tour. This tapas tour will begin with a classic aperitivo in San Miguel and take you through La Latina neighborhood.

Visit small family restaurants, a gourmet tapas bar and market, and a historical tavern serving the most famous croquettes in town. Try iconic sandwiches, local beer, wine, cheese, and more for a total of seven dishes and five drinks over the course of four hours. The ability to appreciate other cultures is one of the most special things about renting vacation rentals on Airbnb.

Choosing the Best Experience

Before booking a tour, do some research and read a few reviews. Scroll through photos and consider all the offerings in and around your Airbnb. New experiences pop up all the time, so you never know what you might find. However, as long as you pick one that sounds delicious and informative, you’re sure to have a good time.

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