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How to be a Successful Airbnb Cleaner on TurnoverBnB

junho 29, 2021

Follow this guide to becoming a successful Airbnb cleaner on TurnoverBnB. These tips will be sure to bring in customers and kickstart your business.

Follow our guide to becoming a successful Airbnb cleaner on TurnoverBnB.
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You may have been recommended to check out TurnoverBnB from another Airbnb cleaner, or perhaps you were searching online for a scheduling solution to your turnovers. Whichever applies to you, this article will dive into everything you need to know to be successful on TurnoverBnB.

About TurnoverBnB
TurnoverBnB is a centralized communication and management platform for all your vacation rental projects. It is available for independent cleaners and cleaning companies who need a platform to automate their business processes. The user-friendly app makes scheduling turnovers, automatic payment processing, and communicating with customers easy.

How to Make Money on TurnoverBnB

Now, let’s talk about why you really want to be on this platform – to make a profit.

The multi-functional platform can be a great source of income for cleaners who retain customers and regularly complete projects. On average, well-established cleaners can bring in $5,000-$12,000 in 30 days using TurnoverBnB.

Experienced Airbnb cleaners will agree, growing your business and achieving this level of results does not happen overnight. Cleaners with previous experience cleaning vacation rental properties are encouraged to join the Cleaner Marketplace to get started growing their business.

By following these tips, along with determination and planning, you too can be one of the top-performing cleaners on TurnoverBnB. In addition, you will also have access to a network of new Airbnb hosts to connect with. TurnoverBnB gives you all the tools you need to manage your current clients while introducing you to new owners to grow your business.

How it works - TurnoverBnB successful cleaner.

5 ways you can make the most out of TurnoverBnB:

1. Onboarding

TurnoverBnB has live, 24/7 hands-on customer support and a team of account managers to make the onboarding process a breeze. They are with you every step of the way to walk you through the Cleaner App features and ensure you are ready to get started.

After your onboarding is complete, take time to familiarize yourself with the app and its settings.

Some of the key features include:

  • Real-time notifications and project updates
  • Direct communication with customers
  • Unlimited bidding (It’s always free to bid! More on this later)
  • Cleaning checklists
  • Photo documentation and reporting

Hit the chat icon at any time to have customer support assist you along the way. Be sure to review the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

2. Build connections (and retain customers)

To be successful on TurnoverBnB, you must not only find customers to work with but also continue to work with them on a consistent basis.

Customer retention is a key component of the TurnoverBnB platform. To maintain positive relationships with hosts, follow these tips:

Do a good job

First and foremost, simply performing your job consistently well will ultimately build trust with your customers. Remember, your goal is to maintain your customer relationships. Ensure your customers’ lives — and yours— are made easier by always completing thorough cleans to the host’s satisfaction. When your customers are happy, you’ll be getting paid.

Follow the rules

The TurnoverBnB rules are straightforward: keep your TurnoverBnB projects on the platform. By following this simple rule and communicating with your customers through the app, you will succeed. The risk of being fined and ultimately removed from the platform, along with losing the connections you have built, is just not worth it.

Be responsive

Actively communicate with your customers before, during, and after a project is completed. When you send your first project bids, be sure to include a message to your potential customer. Simply include a short message to introduce yourself, your background, and why you would like to work with them.

In addition, responsiveness is also important when it comes to receiving and accepting project bids. Don’t make your customers wait to see if you are available!

Don’t be late

Your customers chose to work with you likely because of your experience, performance, reviews, and rate. Don’t tarnish your reputation by showing up to a scheduled cleaning time late – or not showing up at all. Communicate with the host in advance if there is a scheduling conflict that will prevent you from completing the project on time.

Consistently bid on new customer relationships

The more projects you complete on TurnoverBnB, the more access you will have to find new customers in your area. Unlike other platforms, on TurnoverBnB you bid to work with new customers, not on each individual project.


Once you have completed projects, encourage your customers to write you a review. Combined with customer retention and projects completed, reviews are another critical factor in your ranking within the TurnoverBnB system.

Next, let’s discuss some strategies on how to start winning project bids.

3. Start small when bidding for the first time

As an experienced Airbnb cleaner, you know your worth and have set your rates to reflect your experience. However, until you form more customer relationships on the TurnoverBnB platform, you will need to grow your credibility.

Credibility is important in order to establish yourself in the cleaner marketplace. The best way to achieve this is through competitively pricing your bids for your market.

To remain competitive while also building your reputation on the platform may mean lowering your rates to win the initial bid. By starting small, you have a higher likelihood of gaining a new customer and continue to build your network. Once you can consistently complete projects for that customer, you can slowly increase your rates for new customers. Your reputation will represent your credibility in the market and will be worth more to hosts.

Some Airbnb cleaners complete 6-8 turnovers per day, so the growth potential is up to you to decide how you want to organize your schedule. As you build traction, you can consider hiring other cleaners to leverage your platform and help you finish projects faster. Moreover, you can use a complimentary product like Taskbird to easily manage your team for free. Taskbird can grow your small business by automating tasks and scheduling your employees, saving you time and resources.

4. Bring in your existing customers

A great way to build your reputation in the cleaner marketplace is by bringing in your existing customers to the platform for free. Encouraging your current network to join TurnoverBnB will allow you to complete consistent projects while growing to find more work to add to your schedule.

You can also invite them to the platform if they don’t already have an account. To invite your customers, click on Invite from your account dashboard.

Remember, you’re not bidding on individual projects, you are instead bidding on customer relationships.

5. Utilize cleaning checklists

Sample TurnoverBnB checklist for Airbnb cleaners.

Some vacation rental hosts require their cleaners to complete “Cleaning Checklists” within the app. These can range from general cleaning guides to deep cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Additionally, cleaners have the opportunity to utilize nearly 1,000 free public checklists available on TurnoverBnB.

6. Obtain Badges and Certifications

Badges and Certificates on TurnoverBnB App: License, Liability Insurance, Bonding, Background Check

Another way to succeed on the platform and stand out from other cleaners in your area is to acquire profile badges. Available badges include:

  • Background check – Perhaps the most essential badge, a background check is an easy way to prove your credibility to new customers. By completing a background check and earning the badge to add to your profile, your listing will stand out from the competition. It is available for purchase through the platform for a nominal fee.
  • Liability insurance – A certificate of liability insurance is a document that proves you have general liability insurance coverage.
  • License – This is a license-to-work for employees’ eligibility.
  • Bonding – This certificate is a summary of your company’s liability insurance coverage.
  • Enhanced cleaning badge – TurnoverBnB created a Curso de Educação e Segurança de COVID-19 for vacation rental cleaners based on CDC and WHO recommendations. The course is required for cleaners on the TurnoverBnB Marketplace and available for hosts’ existing cleaners.

All badges are subject to a manual review process.

The more badges you get, the higher your ranking will be, and the more hosts will choose to work with you.

7. Collect Good Reviews

Reviews build assurance in the community and help drive your business.

TurnoverBnB encourages, and rewards, positive reviews you receive from hosts. These reviews will be published on your profile and increase your visibility on the search results page. To rank high in the marketplace, cleaners should strive to receive positive reviews for their cleanliness, communication, timeliness, and completion of their projects.

You can also use host feedback to improve your business. Although you may not always receive 5-star reviews, you can use them as an opportunity to better your techniques or work on consistency.

Join the most cleaner friendly app, TurnoverBnB.

Get Started on TurnoverBnB

Now that you know all the basics of TurnoverBnB, it’s time to start making money. Complete all the steps listed in this article and start writing out your goals. TurnoverBnB can position you to be successful, but your work ethic and credibility will push you to the top of the market. 

Visit the TurnoverBnB website to sign up and get started for free.

1. Sign-up for free

It is completely free to join the TurnoverBnB Cleaner Marketplace. Once you submit your application, provide references, and are approved, you can get started bidding on projects.

2. Invite your current customers

As an Airbnb cleaner, TurnoverBnB allows you to manage your current customers with auto-scheduling.

3. Find new customers

You can find new customers in your area on TurnoverBnB’s Marketplace. Set your own prices and never pay to bid. The best part: there are no invoices. Once your job is complete, you’ll receive an automatic payment within five days of processing.

4. Automate your schedule

After connecting with customers, both new and existing, TurnoverBnB will fully automate your cleaning schedule. All you need to do is download the app to get started.

Whether you’re an experienced cleaner looking to expand your network or you simply want to make more money cleaning, TurnoverBnB will help you achieve all of your Airbnb cleaning goals.

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