Elevate Your Rental Property

Redecorating Your Rental

Create a more welcoming vibe to your AirBnb property by redecorating. Help guests feel more at home using these helpful tips.

By Ashley

Last updated: December 07, 2021

The difference a few simple touches can make!

┬áThe whole idea behind a vacation rental is to make your guests feel at home. They could have chosen to stay in a hotel but they likely wanted more space and a homey vibe. They want to feel the experience of actually living┬áwhere they are only able to vacation. There are many things you can do to make your guest feel welcomed upon arrival and during their stay, but one that sometimes gets pushed to the back burner is redecorating. It can be daunting, expensive and time consuming but there are ways around that! Take your rental from drab to fab just by adding more personal touches and your guests will appreciate the effort you’ve taken to go beyond the minimum. Here are some tips to make this process easier and worth your while.

Choose the Right Time

Time is money so don’t take your rental off the market (which you will likely have to do for at least a few days if you want things done right) during peak season or a time that is busy for you. It is better to wait until it is convenient than to rush!

Hire Help

If you’re too busy, don’t have the knack for design or aren’t good at painting don’t try and take the task on yourself. You will end up taking longer to complete your project. You’ll feel overwhelmed and end up with subpar results. Look for a local handyman to paint and a concierge company or a helpful friend for shopping for decor and design help. Reach out to other BnB owners or managers you may know and see who they recommend.

Don’t Spend a Fortune!

The whole point of this endeavor is to make money and while a small investment into making your property more appealing is necessary you certainly don’t need to break the bank. Look for fun knick knacks, art and furniture at yard sales, local thrift shops and outlet stores. You will be pleasantly surprised at the things you can find and even more pleasantly surprised by the prices. Don’t be scared of second hand! As long as it can be cleaned, painted or re-framed it could be worth your while. Diamonds in the rough can be very fulfilling to discover and vintage has made a comeback.

Decorate Accordingly

If you have a beach rental you probably shouldn’t go mid century modern just because that’s your personal taste. Realize that your guest is staying in your particular region for a reason and they probably want to be reminded of where they are. If you’re in Nashville you might want to play up on a music theme by hanging old guitars or make them think honky tonk by using empty bottles of moonshine as vases where you can put fresh flowers. Bonus: you can drink the contents to get your creative juices flowing!

Photo credit to Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

Don’t Be Afraid to Paint

We all know painting can be a pain in the butt, but nothing freshens up a room like a fresh coat of paint. Whether you choose to go with a bright and cheery color or stick with a simple coat of what’s already on your walls, it will make all the difference. Rentals are constantly being used which can result in scuffs, scratches, and even unpleasant smells. For example, like that guest who broke the no smoking rule and the smell still lingers. This can all be covered with a coat of paint. Don’t forget the baseboards or they will look even more worn next to new paint.


Guests will appreciate your hard work and so will you. You are about to have a lot more happy renters and good reviews which equals more money for you. Be sure and take updated photos of your listing to reflect your hard work. It may take a few turnovers to cover your initial cost. Eventually you may even be able to increase your listing if the updates you have made are substantial enough. Think of it as an investment in your Airbnb future!

About the Author: Ashley is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Seminole, Florida. To view Ashley’s profile or to book her for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.

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