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5 Benefits of Renting Furniture for a Short-Term Rental

April 11, 2022

Whether your vacation property is a condo in California or a charming Cape Cod cottage on the coast, keeping it stylish and appealing is a top priority. In a competitive market, furniture and décor are a deciding ‘wow’ factor when renters are browsing online. Renting furniture has become a popular choice for many owners, as it’s a cost-effective way to keep their short-term rentals comfortable and contemporary.

This article was written by Brook Furniture Rental, premier furniture rental company for homes and offices. Brook has an extensive selection of furniture, accessories, and kitchen and bath essentials that can be delivered in as little as 1-2 business days.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

When you need furniture for your short-term rental, you don’t always have to buy it — especially if you’re not sure what style you’re going for, or if you’re uncertain if the investment in new furniture is worth it. Who wants to wait months for a new sofa or bed to arrive? You need to book guests now, and they need something to sleep in and sit on.

To create a memorable short-term rental, you need to make the vacation experience as pleasant as possible for your guests. Comfortable furniture, stylish décor, stocked amenities, and attention to detail are all game-changers that secure bookings.

By renting your Airbnb furniture, you can enjoy a stress-free experience knowing someone else is handling the moving, assembly, design, and more.

5 Ways Furniture Rental Can Benefit Your Short-Term Rental

Furnishing your short-term rental is as easy as 1-2-3 — with furniture, décor, and housewares at your fingertips. Fast delivery? No assembly required? Wide selection and availability? Yes, please! Here are five benefits of renting versus buying furniture for your short-term rental.

1. Ease

Need a quick, simple solution to furnish your place? It doesn’t get easier than furniture rental. Renting gives you the freedom to pursue high-quality, trendier pieces. Maybe you’re testing out a new market, or perhaps you’re not sure what vibe will appeal most to your guests.

Furniture rental is the dream solution for outfitting your short-term rental with everything it needs to feel like a complete experience. Artwork, seating, sleeping arrangements, housewares, electronics… you can rent just about anything, whether you need some furniture just for the summer, or a whole home for the year.

Best of all, Airbnb furniture rental companies like Brook Furniture Rental handle the heavy lifting — delivery, assembly, set-up, and pick-up. Many of these companies also offer free exchanges, a variety of lease terms, and flexible delivery options.

2. Availability

Renting makes a lot of sense if you need furniture fast. Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have time to shop? Do you need to meet a deadline for a booking? Have you considered renting?

Shopping for new furniture is a chore. You’ll probably have to visit at least two or three stores, find pieces that go well together, and you may have the additional headache of getting the furniture home — or arranging delivery times. Oh yeah, and then you’ll have to put it all together on your own.

When you rent furniture, you can select from a diverse selection online, usually with real-time inventory updates. Rent by item, by room, or by pre-made packages. From there, just set up a convenient delivery time.

3. Flexibility

It can be hard to change your mind about something you purchase (buyer’s remorse, am I right?). Once it’s yours, it’s yours. Want to change or upgrade? You have to buy a whole new one, and get rid of the old. Not a lot of flexibility there.

With renting, you can always get what’s trendy, change colors or aesthetics, or simply move on to something different without the commitment and cost of buying.

Renting furniture online gives you both short-term and long-term leasing options. The longer your lease, the more you save. With the fluctuating housing market, you may decide to sell or move on from a certain area. You might snap up another location to pursue greater business growth. Whatever changes are in your future, furniture rental has your back.

4. Sustainability

Did you know that nearly 10 million tons of furniture end up in landfills each year? Plain and simple, renting reduces waste.

Instead of sitting in the shadows, collecting dust, and taking up valuable space, rented items can be used by others when you aren’t. The item achieves maximum value, helping to reduce its carbon footprint.

Airbnb furniture rental keeps big, bulky items out of already-overcrowded landfills, as opposed to the fast furniture route, in which subpar pieces fall apart and end up in the trash on the regular.

5. Affordability

Spending money can be a slippery slope no matter who you are. What do we want versus what do we need? With Airbnb furniture rental, you get what you need for a reasonable price, and then you return it when you’re done. That’s big-time savings in the long run.

Buying furniture is a large initial investment. If you’re trying to get your short-term rental business off the ground, the added expense of brand-new furniture may be too big of an investment upfront.

When you rent furniture, you get to choose from quality pieces that you may not want to shell out for purchasing, and they’re much more affordable as monthly rentals.

Transform Your Short-Term Rental With Ease

Brook Furniture Rental has seen firsthand the effect that poorly made furniture has on the environment — a whole lot of resources consumed for items that just end up in a trash heap. They’re proud to offer stylish, comfortable furniture, following sustainable practices so these items can be rented and enjoyed, again and again.

To transform your short-term rental, you can completely skip the hassle associated with finding new furniture, putting down the money upfront, and moving it to your new residence.

Pick out what you want, choose your preferred delivery date, and Brook Furniture Rental will take care of the rest. Plus, when you’re ready to move on or try something new, they’ll pick everything up for you.

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