Creating a great guest experience requires a little ingenuity and knowing who your guests are.

This can be easier said than done. The vacation rental industry is certainly booming, but this can make for some stiff competition. Knowing when and where to invest is not only key, but be careful of the precedent you set, and decide whether or not you can commit to being consistent for your guests.

Feature or Added Expense?

Make sure you can justify the expense of what you would like to do for your guests, otherwise, its just an added expense. Think of it this way – does it add value? Does it add to your guests experience in a tangible way? Can you make sure that your guests have the fresh muffins in the morning that you promised in your listing? Be careful, not fulfilling the promises of your listing can backfire in a big way. So make sure that you are able to do what you say you are going to do.

Make logical decisions

I know this sounds like a no brainer, but sometimes people put things in their vacation rentals that don’t make a lot of sense. For example, if you are renting out your unit in a high-rise apartment, do you really think a barbecue is going to get a lot of use? Probably not. Not only that, good luck getting your vacation rental cleaner to clean it! Think about what makes the most sense in your area, something as simple as keeping bug spray stocked in a cabin will get you fabulous feedback every time, its cheap, and people will be grateful for it when they need it. You could also justify a barbecue in a cabin, just sayin’.

If you do it once, you must do it every time

Keep in mind that if a guest raves about a certain amenity (remember those muffins?), other guests will expect it, especially if they see it in the reviews. Keep your listing updated as well, noting any changes in your offerings.


Make sure you are able to clean those amenities. Remember the barbecue grill? Put that on your list of things to clean for your vacation rental cleaner (it will be their favorite I’m sure). Yoga mats are a great idea for that cute little yoga studio down the street, especially if you negotiate some cool little discount with the owner, but make sure those yoga mats get cleaned regularly too. You don’t want your highlighted amenities to be a teaser. Keep in the back of your mind the additional maintenance of your additions, this will help you decide what is truly worth it, and what is just going to be a hassle.

Do a little research and see what makes a difference to people when they travel, and you can make some smart buying decisions that will really payoff for you in the end.