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Should You Schedule Mid-Stay Cleanings?

Guests may not always clean up after themselves. As a way to ensure your property is well managed, you can hire a cleaner to come in and clean mid-stay. The following will cover what a mid-stay cleaning includes, the benefits of a mid-stay cleaning, and whether you should hire a cleaner to complete one.

By Angela Rush

Last updated: August 29, 2022

What Is a Mid-Stay Cleaning? 

Mid-stay cleanings occur during the middle of a guest’s stay and are often shorter and cheaper than your average short-term rental cleaning. 

The duties of a mid-stay cleaner include picking up after guests, sanitizing the home, and restocking toiletries and linens. Cleaning professionals are not expected to deep clean or do a detailed clean.

Pros and Cons of Airbnb Mid-Stay Cleanings

Mid-stay cleanings can become a benefit to your business if done right. One advantage of mid-stay cleanings is that they can boost your overall property value. If guests are aware of your dedication to providing them with an amazing experience at your rental home, they may hold your property in higher regard. 

Likewise, guests like to know they are being taken care of. Short-term rentals offer a more personal hospitality experience, and that is what guests are paying for. Offering a mid-stay cleaning will ensure that guests are in a comfortable environment throughout their stay. 

The disadvantages of mid-stay cleanings all depend on how well you communicate with guests during their stay. Surprising guests with a cleaner coming in mid-stay may seem invasive if they are not aware this is a normal procedure for you.

When Should You Complete Mid-Stay Cleanings? 

When guests stay for a longer period of time, at least one week, it might be best to consider conducting a mid-stay cleaning. Depending on the guest, they may clean and pick up after themselves, but this is not always the case. 

Short-term rentals left unchecked or not cleaned frequently are prone to damage. If guests tend to not pick up after themselves, mold, mildew, and bugs may become an issue. Addressing these problems — versus preventing them from happening in the first place — will cost you more money in the long run. 

How to Optimize the Guest Experience With Mid-Stay Cleanings

Be sure to mention mid-stay cleanings during the booking process, as this will help eliminate any potential sense of invasion the guest may experience as a cleaner comes in during their stay. 

Also, remind guests in advance of when the cleaner will be arriving. Always give a twenty-four-hour notice. If you are late with your notice, it could tarnish the guests’ overall experience. 

Guests may want to plan something around the time a cleaner will be coming in. Notifying guests in advance will give them enough time to get out of the cleaner’s way, ensuring they have the opportunity to perform their cleaning duties well. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Mid-Stay Cleanings

Wondering whether or not hiring a cleaner to come in mid-stay is a good idea? The following are questions other like-minded hosts have inquired about mid-stay cleanings.  

Does Airbnb clean daily? 

As a host, you’re not expected to clean your short-term rental daily but rather in between each set of guests. It’s recommended that hosts establish a cleaning schedule per turnover to ensure the next guests will have a clean and safe environment to stay in. 

How often should my Airbnb be cleaned? 

Most hosts opt to hire a cleaner to come in at the end of every guest’s visit. This can be very helpful in maintaining the property and ensuring guests have a consistently clean environment to stay in.  

However, you can have a cleaner come in more than just at the end of each stay. Hiring a cleaner to come in during the middle of a longer booking can also be beneficial. This will give you the utmost assurance that your home is completely comfortable for guests. 

How long does it take to clean an Airbnb?

An Airbnb cleaning can last anywhere from two to four hours. This all really depends on the state in which the home is left by guests. Stains, spills, and dirt build-up can take longer than two hours to clean. 

Do you charge a full rate for a mid-stay cleaning? 

It is up to your Airbnb cleaner on how they would like to price their services. However, charging a full rate for a partial cleaning may seem a bit high of a rate for most hosts. If your cleaner chooses to offer mid-stay cleaning services, consider seeing if they offer a discounted rate. 

Can you clean your own Airbnb? 

As the property owner, you are more than welcome to clean your own short-term rental property. Nonetheless, you should highly consider hiring professional cleaners. They may be an additional cost to your business, but they will save you time and frustration in the long run. 

Are Airbnb guests expected to clean?

Airbnb does offer an option for hosts to charge guests a cleaning fee. That said, guests are not always expected to clean. If you would like to have your guests clean, then make that known right from the start of their stay. 

Hire a Mid-Stay Cleaner to Enhance the Guest Experience 

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