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The “Abilities” of an Ideal Airbnb Cleaner

September 09, 2019

Finding the ideal Airbnb cleaner is an important step for your vacation rental business as they provide a necessary service.

Finding the ideal Airbnb cleaner is an important step for your vacation rental business as they provide a necessary service. Whether you are hiring a member for your own cleaning crew or a rental owner looking for a new hire, it can be difficult to know how to begin! While someone with previous housekeeping experience may be preferable, there are other sources on TurnoverBnB that an ideal Airbnb cleaner should possess. 

Here is my list of the top abilities you should look for when hiring a cleaner:

Ideal Airbnb cleaning


Being an Airbnb cleaner means you have to make yourself extremely available between the hours of guest check in and check out. Holidays and weekends are often the busiest times so it’s very unlikely that all time off requests could be honored. While it is a wonderful job where you will rarely be required to work past the afternoon hours, it is a job where availability is crucial to a good hire. When last minute bookings pop up it is a great asset to have someone who is very available in your corner. One or two people who have the time to work many shifts in a week can prove to be more convenient and efficient than having to work around many different cleaners’ schedules. 


This is a quality that my team values over most others. A cleaner who you can trust to show up when they are scheduled is worth their weight in gold! It sounds very simple but in an industry where few people are full time workers it can be difficult to find people who are fully dedicated. If you can’t count on someone to do the job you hire them to do then you may as well be cleaning yourself! All of our team members are reliable and we appreciate them very much!


You want your cleaner to take pride in their work and treat your rentals as if they were their own. Going the extra mile and showing that they care takes someone from being simply a cleaner to a team asset. Often times cleaners are the first to see a problem. If you can count on them to properly pass along any maintenance issues, or for example if a guest took a key or parking pass, they are saving you from having to do the guesswork. Time is of the essence when you only have a 4-5 hour window between guests! If you have cleaners who hold themselves accountable to the overall process, not just dusting and making beds, they will simplify your life!

Problem solving abilities 

If you hire cleaners or team members who know how to think pragmatically and efficiently they will save you many headaches down the line! These are the people who test lamps and if they don’t work and either replace the bulb or try them in an alternate outlet to decipher if that may be the problem. And they don’t contact you about it unless it becomes a problem they can’t solve! Letting owners and property managers know about issues is important and appreciated but if simple problems can be solved on their own it saves everyone time. If towel inventory is low and there’s no time to send it out but your cleaner pops them in the washer while working (even if that’s beyond their normal scope of work), they are someone who has good problem solving abilities!

These are just a few of the most important “Abilities” the best Airbnb cleaners possess. With any luck you will find someone with these coveted qualities and make them a part of your team. I assure you they are out there!

Ashley Medeiros is Co-owner of Perfect Ten Concierge who is very proud of her teams’ many wonderful abilities!

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