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The Ultimate Health Guide For Airbnb Cleaners

March 01, 2021

Maintaining your health as an Airbnb cleaner will ensure that your job is done safely and effectively.

It’s not uncommon for some Airbnb cleaners to forget about their health when cleaning rentals. That’s completely understandable! Many of us tend to forget about our health when we’re so focused on getting our work done. However, for Airbnb cleaners, your health is very important. If you’re not feeling your best, cleaning rentals won’t be done as effectively or efficiently. So, here is a health guide on how to stay in top condition to tackle your cleaning projects.

What Airbnb Cleaners Should Do Beforehand

Not many people know this, but what you do before the day starts can have an effect later on. Keep in mind, since cleaning is manual labor, it will require a lot of energy from your body. When you don’t have the energy, it will take a toll on your health and body as the day wears on. So it is important to do these activities before you start the day.

Get A Full Night’s Sleep

Your body is like your phone, and sleep is like your phone charger. If you charge your phone for only 10 minutes, chances are your phone will die out quickly. As opposed to charging your phone for an hour or so, it’ll be more likely to last the whole day. Comparisons aside, getting a full night’s sleep will charge you up and help prevent you from getting headaches caused by fatigue. When you’re tired, you won’t have the energy to be cleaning rentals. Sleep Advisor’s article on Recommended Sleep Times for Every Age highlights the appropriate amount of sleep according to age, as well as the complications from inadequate rest – and there are plenty. So on the night before, you should strive for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep so that you’ll have the energy to tackle your tasks as a cleaner.

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Eat Well

There’s a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why? It’s the first meal you eat before heading out to work! Not eating before cleaning rentals is a recipe for having low energy and an increased chance of fainting. Not to mention the acids eating away in your stomach when they should be breaking down your last meal. So make sure you eat well before you start to clean. Drinking a cup of coffee for breakfast won’t cut it. A nice breakfast of eggs and toast that’ll satisfy your stomach. Also, pack a lunch if you know the rental your cleaning will take a while to complete. A hungry cleaner is not an efficient one.

How Airbnb Cleaners Can Use Breaks Effectively

These long cleaning periods can take hours to complete and you’ll be aching in between cleaning. So for every 2 hours of work, give yourself a 10-minute break just to sit down and recharge yourself. It will help keep your energy levels up, reduce fatigue, and lighten your mood. Here are some activities you can do during your break.

Take A Tech Break

I’m pretty sure that you have a phone on you. So use it to watch some YouTube or TikTok videos for some entertainment. Playing a mobile game on your phone can also help get your mind off cleaning for a moment. Or listen to some classical music to help put you at ease for a moment. You can even use this time to check out your social media accounts to see what’s going on with the world. A phone is a great tool to have to keep yourself entertained before you go back to work.

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Do Some Stretches

When you are using your body each day for rigorous cleaning tasks, it can take a serious toll on your health and well-being. Constantly engaging your back, shoulders, and legs can create tenseness and pain. Since your body is the main machine of your cleaning business, it is important to put it first. As an Airbnb cleaner, you are juggling a couple, if not many jobs each day.  By doing the necessary stretches and movements, you can keep pain to a minimum so you can run your business smoothly. Here is a general guide to the best stretches for your body: 

Woman stretching by Dane Wetton

For The Lower Back

Cat/Cow: on all fours with your knees directly beneath your hips and a slight bend in the elbows, inhale while moving your chest toward the ground. Pull your head and hips up toward the sky. Then as you exhale, tuck your chin to your chest and pull your spine toward the sky. Here is a more in-depth list of lower back stretches.

For The Shoulders/Back

Extended Child’s Pose: Starting on all fours, pull your hips back and to the ground. You can choose to push your knees outward in opposite directions or you can have them facing forward. Pull your arms and shoulders back with your forehead touching the floor or mat and feel the stretch! 

For The Hips

Lay on your back, cross your right knee over your left thigh.  Use your hands to slowly pull your left thigh toward your chest, and feel the stretch. Release gently and switch sides. Make sure to breathe and go slow! Remember, stretch for your comfort level. Everybody has different degrees of flexibility and should stretch accordingly. Now, let’s get moving to the legs.

For The Legs

Lay on your back, cross your right knee over your left thigh.  Use your hands to slowly pull your left thigh toward your chest, and feel the stretch. Release gently and switch sides. Make sure to breathe and go slow! The legs are a very essential part of your body and are used during every cleaning routine. With healthy legs, you will be able to move around your vacation rental properties with ease.

Keep Your Body Happy

These are just a few of many different stretches you can do for your body after a day of cleaning. Repeating stretches a few times each day will be most beneficial, they will also help you maintain a comfortable body and mind throughout the day.  Overall, by putting your body first you can ensure that you will be capable of taking on the many cleaning jobs you acquire! Do not let a stiff back or shoulders prevent you from being an ideal Airbnb Cleaner. 

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