When it comes to cleaning vacation rentals everyone does things a little different. They aren’t like hotels where everything is a uniform assembly line and everything is done “by the book”. That’s one of the great things that set them apart. Guests enjoy having a local flare and charm as opposed to the cookie cutter kind of accommodations you would see in most hotels. However, it has come to my attention during my time as a vacation rental cleaner that there are certain little touches that guests really appreciate. Some are noticed and some simply make them feel unconsciously more comfortable. Here are my top 5 easy ways to make a good impression. Taking a few minutes to go the extra mile will set any cleaner apart from the competition!

1. Full roll of TP! Most managers or owners will request a certain number of toilet paper rolls in each unit. Whether they establish their par based on the number of guests or bathrooms one thing that makes a nice easy impact is to place a full roll on the holder each time you clean. I’m not encouraging waste! Place the partially used rolls underneath the vanity. They will surely get the job done but won’t be front and center when guest first check in. No one wants to think about the idea that just hours before someone else was doing their business in their temporary home! If a roll is nearly new folding it into a point will do the trick as well.

2. Good smells! I don’t suggest going overboard with any particular scent because the goal is not to be offensive to anyone, especially those with allergies. But in my opinion nothing makes a better impression than a clean, fresh scent upon arrival. Usually mopping or cleaning your floors will give this result, especially when you do them last (which you should be doing anyway)! Fabuloso is a great smelling brand of multipurpose and floor cleaner. Whenever my team uses this on our floors, guests and property managers comment on the pleasant smell. Swiffer WetJet also makes great smelling solutions.

3. A nicely made bed. I hate to make my bed at home but if I’m checking in to a vacation rental or hotel one of my favorite things is to see a nicely made bed (that I didn’t have to make!). We have found that when you take your top comforter or quilt and flip it over at the top along with your flat sheet it gives a nice finished look. Don’t let your top sheet hang lower than your quilt on the sides of the bed and be sure to tuck in corners at the foot of the bed. If there is a bed frame, tucking in your top sheet and comforter at the foot of the bed makes it look nice and neat.

4. Arrange pillows nicely. This goes for bed pillows and throw pillows. Just because throw is in the name doesn’t mean you should just toss them anywhere! Take just a moment to make sure that your pillows are clean and free of hair/stains, facing the right way (zippers and tags down, patterns right side up) and nicely placed. Also make sure they are in the right location. Guests love to play musical pillows. A good cleaner knows to put them back in the right place!

5. A tidy kitchen. Obviously the kitchen should be clean. By tidy I mean place your kitchen towels, soap and sponges nicely. Refill dish soap if necessary and replace sponges if they look worn. We just discovered the dollar store sells them in 6 packs for $1!! Have cords for the appliances on the counters? Tucked them away neatly. If leaving coffee, display it nicely on the counter. Do your best to make the kitchen look appealing to the guest. So they can thoroughly enjoy the main perk of staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel!

There are many easy ways to make a good impression on guests that are simple and quick. These are my top 5 that I have learned property managers and guests alike really appreciate!


Ashley Medeiros is co-owner of Perfect Ten Concierge and wishes she had the will to keep her own home as tidy as a vacation rental!


About the Author: Ashley is a professional Airbnb Cleaner located in Seminole, Florida. To view Ashley’s profile or to book her for your next short term rental cleaning, visit her profile or find an Airbnb cleaner in your area.