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TurnoverBnB + Host Tools Integration

Follow this step-by-step integration guide to connect your Host Tools account with TurnoverBnB.

By The TurnoverBnB Team

Last updated: December 07, 2021
Host tools integration

We are excited to announce our latest software integration with Host Tools, an automated pricing, messaging, and scheduling platform for vacation rental hosts.

Host Tools users will now benefit from our direct software integration, allowing TurnoverBnB to automatically sync with your booking calendars to schedule your cleanings automatically.

If you are looking for a new cleaner, simply provide your property details to get started and begin receiving bids from over 35,000 service providers worldwide on the TurnoverBnB cleaner marketplace. Using their own app, cleaners can receive updates, use checklists, report problems, track inventory, and send hosts messages.

About Host Tools

Host Tools helps hosts automate messaging, reviews, availability across platforms, smart locks, and more to save you countless hours each week while also giving guests a 5-star experience.

Host Tools is one of the easiest to use tools available for hosts. Simply add your listings, set up a few rules, and then sit back while Host Tools takes over the day-to-day management of your short-term rentals.

How to Connect Your Account

Follow the steps below to connect your Host Tools account with TurnoverBnB.

Step 1

First, get started by signing in to your TurnoverBnB account.

Step 2

Next, from the Dashboard, select Settings > Integrations.

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Step 3

On the Integrations screen, click Connect under Host Tools. Log in to your Host Tools account.

Step 4

Next, navigate to User Settings and copy the API Access Token at the bottom. Paste the key into the TurnoverBnB tab.

Select all or some of the properties you want to link with TurnoverBnB, and click “Link X Listings”.

You have successfully linked your Host Tools account with TurnoverBnB!

Other Software Integrations

Along with Host Tools, TurnoverBnB currently has direct software integrations with Guesty, Track, Smoobu, Hostaway, Hospitable, FantasticStay, Hostfully, and OwnerRez. We are always working to improve our product and finding new ways to innovate vacation rental cleaning.

Continue to follow our blog and social media channels for more news on exciting integrations and ways we’re making vacation rental cleaning easier.

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