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TurnoverBnB + RemoteLock Integration

June 08, 2022

We're highlighting one of our successful software integrations: RemoteLock, a top guest access control software. RemoteLock users can sync their account with TurnoverBnB to automatically send unique access codes to cleaners.

TurnoverBnB + RemoteLock integration

TurnoverBnB is excited to feature one of our successful software integrations: RemoteLock, a leading universal access control software.

RemoteLock users are able to link a Location with the corresponding property on TurnoverBnB. Then, when a cleaner accepts a project, a unique access code will be automatically created for that cleaner. The code will work only during the time of the project.

If you’re a vacation rental host looking to build or grow your cleaning team, enter your property details and start receiving bids from 35,000+ service providers across the globe. The professional cleaners on the TurnoverBnB cleaner marketplace will be able to follow checklists, report problems, track inventory, and send messages to hosts using their own app.

About RemoteLock

RemoteLock is an easy-to-use software that gives vacation rental hosts universal access control for their properties.

The platform eliminates the need for physical keys, meaning hosts can save on rekeying costs if keys get lost. Even better, the software enables hosts to check their guests in and out from anywhere — no more back-and-forth trips to your property to provide or collect keys.

Not only is the platform beneficial for guest check-in and check-out. It also allows hosts to seamlessly track when cleaners or maintenance and repair personnel enter and exit the property.

How to Connect Your Account

Step 1. Log into your TurnoverBnB Account.

Step 2. From the Dashboard, select Settings > Integrations.

Step 3. Select Connect in the RemoteLock card.

Step 4. Sign in with your RemoteLock credentials on the page to which you are directed and select Authorize. This will allow TurnoverBnB to receive data from RemoteLock.

Step 5. Link your RemoteLock Locations with your TurnoverBnB properties.

Step 6. After linking your Locations, you will see RemoteLock listed on the Properties screen. Select the specific property to view the Property details.

When a cleaner accepts a project from you, they’ll see a unique keylock code in the project card.

You have now successfully integrated your RemoteLock account with TurnoverBnB.

Other Software Integrations

The team at TurnoverBnB consistently aims to improve our product and find new ways to simplify vacation rental cleaning. For this reason, we have more than a dozen other direct software integrations with top channel managers, property management software, and guest access solutions.

To be the first to hear about upcoming integrations, check out our blog and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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